Power Sewing!

October 18, 2016

I grabbed up every second I could get to sit at my machine and make up these sweet spool blocks. It didn't take long before the top was all put together! No two spools are alike. I used 72 different fabrics from my expansive Bonnie and Camille stash. I added some yellow from other lines to give me more variety. The ribbon border fabrics are repeats of what are in the spool blocks. I was too lazy to look for 24 more fabrics for that part. =) 

As soon as I got that done, I grabbed up a Little Ruby jelly roll and began on the Patchwork Swoon quilt. As you can see, the blocks are pretty big, so the left over half square triangles were huge!

They were big enough to make a bonus baby quilt. =)

This quilt pattern works up really fast and I think it's a great use for a jelly roll. It would be pretty made up in many different fabric lines. 

My quilt tops are beginning to stack up. I need to get busy making some backs and get the quilting started on them. =) 

Have a happy Tuesday and fall, everyone!

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  1. Nice quilts. Always nice to get a bonus quilt out of it, too.

  2. You really were power sewing - making up for lost time :)! These quilts are gorgeous!! I keep looking at the big Swoon Quilt and wondering if I should make it - so nice to see yours all made up! Beautiful!!

  3. These are all so pretty! Thanks for sharing the photos of your projects Amy.

  4. Oh those are all so pretty. Love the patchwork swoon!

  5. You really did some power sewing. Maybe that was the smoke I was seeing in the sky from way over here. lol! Your quilts are sew pretty. Love how you made a baby quilt out of the left overs.
    Hope you have a wonderful day my dear.

  6. wow you've been busy! I love that baby quilt!

  7. Your Patchwork Swoon quilt is INCREDIBLE!! Love it! - and then having the bonus of a baby quilt from the leftovers? Inspired!
    I'm in the same boat as you with the quilt tops / flimsies... They're so fun to make - the backings and quilting not as much fun - and there's always something new to inspire me...!


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