Kitchen Remodel - Part Seven

September 19, 2016

On Friday, our counter top was delivered! I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am with it! We chose  (with the help of my dear friend, Mary Ann, and my precious sister in law Marci) Argento Romano by Formica with the edgings finish. It's stunning in real life! Getting it in the house was a real challenge since it was all one piece. Talk about heavy and awkward! The delivery man, Russ and I could not do it on our own. I am thankful my friend Casey was able to drop what she was doing and come help us. It's too bad I couldn't find someone to be our camera man and get pictures of that adventure! We heaved a sigh of relief that it fit perfectly.

Shortly after the counter was delivered, my sink was installed and hooked up. The sink is Swanston granite and I seriously love it! You can't see it in the pictures, but it has a tiny bit of sparkle in it and it makes me so happy! 

All day Saturday we worked on getting the backing of the peninsula installed, the toe kick and added the trim work.

 I have some caulking and touch up painting to do, but it looks so much better! Notice the yummy apple crisp cooling on the counter. Yummy!

Now that I have a counter, I can start to get things put in their place. I love being able to have my Kitchen Aide mixer out and ready to use. One of my new purchases for the kitchen was the coffee filter holder which can be found on Etsy. So much nicer than a box or plastic bag. Practical and cute! 

Friday night we ran our new Frigidaire dishwasher for the first time. Because I have never owned a dishwasher, I had no idea what to really expect. The one my mom had when I was a kid was so loud and you practically had to wash them before loading them in the dishwasher. It seemed so silly to me. We loaded up the dishwasher without rinsing anything to really test it out.  We turned it on and stood there waiting for I don't know what. Soon we were both leaning over and had our ears close to the door to see if it was working. Yes, we are goofy like that. Well, it was! It is whisper quiet and my dishes were spotless when it was done. I can get so used to this!! 

All that is left to do is the backsplash, the shelf over the sink for the school house light and the crown molding. I also need to buy chairs for the peninsula bar and do some decorating. All those things can wait a while. We need a break and now that the kitchen is fully functioning, there is no hurry. I can visit my sewing room and begin a project now! I have missed playing with my fabric. =)

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I will post pictures when it is finally all done!

Here are the links if you want to go back to see the process:

Have a happy Monday!!

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  1. Very beautiful kitchen♥

  2. Hooray! What a change.... I concur on the mixer --- love having mine on the counter, too. I just chalk it up as part of the decor. {wink}

  3. It looks great! You just might have to do some cooking, to break it in (besides the pie).

  4. Never seems like it will ever end, but when it all pulls together it is well worth the wait frustration and money. It looks really great. Chris

  5. Your kitchen looks beautiful! Enjoy!

  6. Oh your kitchen turned out fabulous. I love your cabinets and how they turned out, and your sink is great too! Glad you are finished and are ready for some fabric fun.

  7. I need apple crisp right now.
    Your kitchen is dreamy. I love every bit of it.
    I am so glad this is finally done so you can get on with the fancy cooking for the holidays. Now you have really good space to work.

    I love it Amy. You two made a great team effort for the big win <3

  8. I am soooo very happy for you. It looks absolutely gorgeous! We have pretty much the same counter and sink - isn't that scary ;)! Only my counter doesn't have a delicious apple crisp sitting on it. I'll have to get on that soon.....:)!

  9. Amy your kitchen turned out gorgeous. I know it feels really good to have everything back in working order. Y'all did an awesome job.

  10. Oh Amy it's so gorgeous!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you, girl! Laid out very similar to mine - but I really covet your drawers. I miss them from the old house - bending over to get pans from the cupboards just kills my back. Jealous!!!

  11. Lovely, lovely kitchen! I really love your cabinets.

    I really, really want an antique kitchen sink like we ha in the pantry of our farmhouse or in the old house I rented in East Peoria during my first years of teaching. (I'd also love the clawfoot tub that was in that bathroom!--The house was torn down a few years ago. We just never see tubs or sinks of that era out here where I live now.)

    I'm glad you're getting some time to return to sewing. Getting creative with textiles is so important--and gratifying!

  12. Hi Amy, As you can see, I have not been keeping up with my blog or anyone else's. You have quite a bit of news I have missed. I apologize for that. I haven't put anything on my blog since April. I have been BAD! I guess catching up with my stepdad and spending time with him,having family dinners, and enjoying the heck out of my grand nephew has kept be busy. Just want to know I'm here and I love ya!

  13. Hmmmm...I wrote a whole big thing and it disappeared. I have missed a lot the several months I have neglected my own blog, and I have missed more by not keeping up with yours. Your kitchen is wonderful, and your quilts are beautiful as always. I have been busy all summer catching up with my stepdad, family dinners and enjoying my grand newphew. I'm sorry I have been missing, but I love ya!


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