Kitchen Remodel - Part Five

August 17, 2016

We got the cabinets today (yay!)

But wait... they sent the wrong ones!! 

As you can see, its a perfectly lovely cabinet, except we ordered mission style, not bead board. =(

Our kitchen walls have bead board, so having cabinetry with bead board would be bead board overload!! We didn't discover the mix up until after the store we ordered them from were closed, so we wait until tomorrow to see what the next step is to get this fixed. I am so hoping that we won't have to wait another 4 - 5 weeks for the right ones to be sent. On a positive note, it gives us time to make a final decision on the counter top. We changed our mind the other day about using the marble laminate and going with a mostly black counter instead. Looks like I have time to order samples! 

Some good news, the school house light I ordered from Barn Electric arrived and it is perfection! This will be hung above the sink, when I get one, that is. 

Here's to hoping the cabinet snafu gets solved quickly and without too long of a delay! Maybe I can start a quilting project now!  =)

I hope you are all having a good week! 

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  1. So sorry about the cabinets not being right. I hope it will not delay this too much. We went through a kitchen remodel a few years ago and it was tough. One bit of advice--don't do a black countertop unless you dust it nearly every day--they really show dust!

  2. Hopefully you won't have to wait several weeks to get the cabinets you want. I totally agree with Tanya ... think twice about the black countertops. Not only will you be constantly cleaning them because of dust, but smears showing are also a problem with black. A friend of mine has countertops that are mostly black and she said never again!

  3. Urgh that is frustrating. Love your schoolhouse light though.

  4. But Bead Board overload could be great!!!
    Just kidding.
    Nice cabinets but, nah.
    I love the light.
    Yes, start another projects. Do all of the projects.
    I am doing everything at the same time and it is working great. (ha, I think)
    Happy Thursday Amy, you could be a schoolhouse light model.
    Very fanciful holding technique :-D

  5. I like the cabinets [glad you're keeping them] but I really, REALLY love that light! Awesome!


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