Kitchen Remodel - Part four

August 12, 2016

Work has slowed down a lot! We are now cabinet ready, so we wait until they arrive when the busyness will pick up once again. 

Walls are patched...

New ceiling fan...The pendant lights will be hung after the cabinets are installed. They would be in the way of the cabinet install if we hung them up now. We are trying to make things as easy on ourselves as possible!

The stove and dishwasher were delivered last night. I haven't tried out the range yet. The dishwasher is still in the box waiting to be installed when the cabinets come. 

Bigger view of the room with fresh paint on the walls. It's a lovely shade of yellow green called Fresh Willow. =) I don't know what I am going to do with my IKEA island. I love it, but there really isn't a place for it in our home...yet!

The basement door and trim have a fresh coat of paint,

as well as the half bathroom door and trim. Eventually, the trim in the whole house will be painted. It's in terrible shape and it's not special wood in any way, so I don't feel guilty painting it. It looks so much better!

We decided to not replace the whole kitchen door and just replace the window instead. This was a much cheaper and easier option. When the cabinets are moved in and installed, the trim around the kitchen door and the door itself will get a fresh coat of paint. No sense painting it now and have it get banged up when we move things into the house. 

I will be so glad when this project is finished!! The good news is the end is in sight! =D 

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  1. I use an Ikea kitchen island as my cutting table in the sewing room! It's a great height for me and provides good storage too.

    Love the color! I'm sure you're anxious for the next step!

  2. We did a kitchen remodel in our old house and I remember it was such a big project. But you will be happy when everything is done :-)

  3. If I weren't clothed in the righteousness of Christ, I could seriously be jealous/covetous of your new gas range. My range is only 3 years old or so, but it's a ceramic glasstop electric range, and I SO MISS gas, and being able to actually turn something on a low fire !

    And I ADORE the shiny newly painted doors.

  4. I know you are so excited to get the remodel done, looks good so far...

  5. Nice window for the door. Everything is coming together.

  6. You are motivating me to get moving on mine. I think the Ikea island should migrate to your sewing room. Hugs.

  7. You have beautiful taste in decorating which echoes your talent in quilting! We have the same beadboard in our bathrooms and I love the happy green color on the walls. I didn't even know it was possible to change out the windows in a door like that...I may have to do the same here! Enjoying watching your progress and can't wait to see the "reveal"!

  8. Oh I like your new stove. We got a new one this year, I love having the griddle, and a high BTU burner it is so nice. Your new ceiling fan is nice too. I think it is time to get a new one in our kitchen. I am not loving the brass.

  9. I love this remodel Amy. You and hubbs can be super proud, really!
    I know the two of us could never ever pull off something like this, but my hubbs is NOT handy around the house. He only knows computer, cars and Contracts.
    I love your new oven!!
    Love the paint too
    and I love you

  10. I'm enjoying the progress in your kitchen! (And I'll send you pics of ours - soon I hope!)


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