Pineapple and Fig finish...And Remodel

July 14, 2016

I made this quilt in October 2014 and I finally got brave enough to quilt it, which is why it sat around for so long. I normally don't allow myself to let a flimsy sit unfinished for this length of time. For now, it's on display at Cotton Creek Mill and then it will ago to live with my friend Terri. She has been very patient with me. =) The pattern is Pineapple and Fig by Fig Tree and Company. I added prairie points to dress it up a bit more (and to use up more of the fabric scraps). 

No other major projects in the sewing room are on the horizon. Why? Because we have decided to do a complete remodel of our kitchen!! If you recall, last December we redid the kitchen floor. We had decided at that time to not remodel the whole kitchen and make do. After months of going back and forth and trying to decide on what new countertop to put in, we decided putting a new counter on cupboards that really have not worked for was a wise decision to update the whole thing.   One thing that means for me is I will finally have a dishwasher! I have never had one. 

The first step in the remodel is to finish the floor. When we replaced the floor, we stopped where the linoleum stopped and left the hardwood floor intact. Since were will be adding a few more cabinets, the floor really needs to extend the whole way to look right. The new cabinets will go where the IKEA island is. That needs a new home! It's a bit painful to cover the hardwood floor, but it is the right thing to do.

We had to remove a few of the shorter pieces on one side, the rest of them will be covered with the new cabinetry and then we can level the floor and begin to tile. 

I will post updates as we go, but now, I need to get to work to help pay for my new kitchen! =D

Have a happy Thursday!! 

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  1. Remodels are not fun, but the end is worth the frustration. We are finally getting our house back in shape and this Fall we will paint. That in itself is a major job also. Chris

  2. Does that mean no cooking for the foreseeable future???? Have fun with the re-model process.

  3. Super exciting --- looking forward to seeing more of your progress! We're in the process of purging, cleaning, and simplify --- I have visions of putting our home on the market and kicking it country. We shall see! {grin}

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! Your kitchen remodeling will be worth it. Looking forward to the updates. We gave an older home an update and later wished we had taken more 'before' pictures, it came together bit by bit and became a little dream home!

  5. Your quilt is STUNNING!!!!! Oh so gorgeous. And a remodel - yikes! You'll love it though. I thought I'd never survive ours....but oh so worth it!

  6. Amy your quilt is amazing. Love the the border you added. Good luck with your kitchen remodel.

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. We have been wavering about our kitchen remodel too. I think we need to quilt thinking and just do it. But it is so tough.

  8. This is a very pretty quilt. You are so focused. I love it, and you.
    Your kitchen is going to be great. It looks very nice now.
    It is nice to have a really open kitchen where you can run in and out of without obstacles especially when you are sewing and suddenly you hear some strange hissing noise in another room and realize you were making potatoes on the stove...... then you have to do some leaping
    Summer is a good time to get the work done and it looks like you two are going to do all of the work? That is great. My hubbs is handy but not house handy. We have to get our shower repaired, the whole tile thing and new glass.
    I am not rushing bc we use the hall bath.... but one day. we want to sell this place and move into a little adorable cottage haha That will fit my sewing machines and my piano


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