Wisconsin...Again =)

June 12, 2016

Friday morning, we took off on the bike to head to our favorite riding destination, Wisconsin. We love it there so much! Especially the south west side, which is called the Driftless Area. Because the glaciers didn't travel this area during the last glacial period, the area is full of high bluffs and deep valleys. It is beautiful! 

This time, we stayed in La Crosse. We rode up to the top of Grandad Bluff, which is a 600-ft high bluff that overlooks the city. The view of the Mississippi River Valley includes the three states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Pictures can never do the view justice. It was breathtakingly beautiful! It was the perfect setting to do our morning devotions as we gazed upon God's creation. 

Our next stop was to one of my most favorite quilt shops, Olive Juice Quilts in Onalaska. I have no pictures and I will explain why...

When we walked in to the shop (there are more than one entrances), I quickly realized a class was going on. I apologized and asked if they would rather I go in the other entrance. I was quickly assured that I was fine! Then, I looked in the center of the room and there she stood....Anna Graham aka: Noodlehead. Anna is very well known for her bag patterns and clothing patterns. Perhaps you have heard of the Open Wide Zippered Pouch? Or of her 241 Tote? Does the Divided Basket sound familiar? Trust me, you need to check out her website

So, here is where I made a total fool out of myself...I blurted out, totally interrupting the class (in my defense, people were sewing and she was observing, so I didn't interrupt her)

"Are YOU, Noodlehead?!" 

Open up floor and drop me in, please...NOW!

She was gracious and grinned at me calling her by her website name and not Anna and allowed me to shake her hand and gush over how much I loved her bags and what an inspiration she was. 

I was totally star stuck. 

I felt so foolish...But it was super cool, none the less. After that, I was very careful to not draw attention to myself as I grabbed up bolts of fabric from the room to take to the cutting table. Russ kept trying to get me to have my picture taken with her, but I refused. I was in my Harley tank shirt with major helmet hair. No way was I going to have my picture taken!!

Here are the goodies I brought home with me. Had to get me some Little Ruby and cotton linen blend yardage. 

Next up, at the recommendation of Judy @ Cranberry Morning, we traveled to Westby to eat at Borgen's Cafe. Judy is correct, the burgers are awesome! 

Riding + eating good food + quilt shops = a fun weekend! 

Have a happy week, everyone!

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  1. Oh, thank you for cluing me into Noodlehead! What a wonderful discovery. Great post. Our daughter attended college in Wisconsin, and your pictures from the bluffs brought back so many happy memories. Love those fabrics you picked up, too. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Glad you had a fun weekend! Wisconsin is lovely!

  3. Lovely to read about your trip and I can really empathise with what happened..... been there, done that! Don't ask why my family calls me Motor Mouth! Underneath it all I bet Noodlehead was really flattered and amused! Thanks for sharing the trip and showing your goodies.
    Jo x

  4. Such a cute story. Beautiful picture, I wish I had know that last year the little boys would have loved to stop there. Pretty fabrics.

  5. Amy, you know me, I would have said the same thing. -- and then thought maybe I was wrong and turned completely RED, which is my specialty.
    I am so glad you had a fun week-end. The heat must not be unbearable like it is here.
    Well, We get one life, it is good to be goofy most of the time. We just can't hold it in because that is bad for your health.
    I want a good burger

  6. Thanks for the encouraging chat and for sharing this story. You are a delight, helmet hair or not.

  7. oh my goodness what a funny story!!! i would have reacted the same way.

  8. What a fun story.....and enjoyed your pictures. Sounds like you had a great time.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the sign. We are suppose to go in August and I can not wait.

  10. Never been to that part of Wisconsin, looks lovely!!! Sounds like you had a GREAT trip!


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