Where Have I been??

May 17, 2016

Sometimes I wonder where I am, too! *grin* However, I can tell you where I was last week. Hubby and I were in Florida!! At Panama City Beach, to be exact. It was a wonderful time of rest and relaxation. We didn't do too much besides lounging on the beach and hanging out. I did get brave and swam in the ocean for the first time. I am sure we two 50 somethings looked silly jumping and playing in the waves, but I don't care, it was fun! 

I did do one really foolish thing. On the first day on the beach, I put sunscreen on everywhere, except my face. You can imagine what I looked like in a little over an hour later.  For the rest of the week, I was the poster child of a stupid tourist. I am vain enough to not share pictures of that!!
My favorite part was the walks on the beach in the morning and at night. It was glorious...

During one of our morning walks, we ran into a sand crab.

As you can see, he was very crabby {sorry, I couldn't resist. ;-) } that we messed with him. It was funny to watch him walk. I had forgotten they walked sideways! We also saw manta rays. I didn't have my phone with me, so I didn't get any pictures of them. 

We found many shells during our walks, but I allowed myself to bring home only two. The others I gave away to other shell hunters. 

The one thing I wish we could have brought home with us was the weather. When we left Florida, it was 85 degrees. When we got home it was in the 50's. Brrrr! I love hot summer days. They can't come soon enough! 

Thanks so very much for stopping by and remember, sunscreen is your friend! =D 

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  1. Thank you Amy, now i have one more point on my endless list of places i want to visit ;-))
    It looks like you two had a great time.

  2. Hi Amy, glad that you had a good relaxing time away. Beautiful sunset photo!! I've only been to FL once in my life....when I won a one-week beach vacation to Satellite beach from a fellow blogger who had a condo. It was a trip I'll always remember! I just googled to see how far your beach was from the one I went to.....ah! Completely on the other side of FL along the gulf. But it looks the same! I can understand not liking those cold temps when you returned!

  3. Ah, the beach ... my happy place. And I firmly believe that sunrises and sunsets on the ocean are the very best.

  4. The beach is gorgeous. Glad you had time to relax and a good time.

  5. Yay beach! just before the seasonal price increases that put us out of the party.... it is also so nice in Spring.
    I bet the water was flipping cold. I know one year we went in April and my legs ached haha from the water just up to my ankles
    It is good to get away.

    Now you are back. Get back to work. haha


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