Graduation Quilt

May 30, 2016

Now that the graduate has received her gift, I can share the quilt I made for her. She requested a black, white, gray and lime green quilt. The pattern I used is called Paradigm Shift. I had a total blast making this one! 

 photo 2015_sig_zpsfk5a9zt3.png


  1. It's a stunner - very dramatic! Congrats to the graduate :)

  2. What a great quilt. Love how it turned out and love the pattern and colors.

  3. You have created a beautiful quilt and I am sure that the graduate will treasure it. How do you get so much accomplished?

  4. I love the colors. It is beautiful. She's a very lucky girl!

  5. What a lucky graduate! You did a fantastic job - looks like a fun pattern!

  6. Amy, You know it. This quilt is incredible.
    It is just so pretty. I am so proud to know you
    Congratulations on making a masterpiece

  7. That quilt is on my to-do list too... Your's is gorgeous!!! Congratulations to the graduate!


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