Riding season has begun...

April 18, 2016

Hello, friends! I hope this beautiful spring day finds you all well. =) 

After months of dreaming of getting back on our bike, this last weekend we had perfect warm weather for a get away and it was glorious! We took a ride to Decorah, Iowa, which is an area we haven't really explored much. We will be doing more trips to this lovely area in the future, for sure! 

I made Russ pull over so I could take a picture of this barn quilt. =D 

Minutes from town, there is a lovely waterfall called Dunning Springs. Russ decided to scramble up the hill. Me, being the fearful sensible one, only climbed up a little ways. On the other side of the falls is a staircase that takes you up to the top. That was a much easier climb and the view is spectacular. 

Deborah is also home of Red-Roxy Quilt Company. Be sure to check out their website. It's a lovely shop filled with tempting fabrics and notions. It's worth the trip to visit if you are ever in the area. I walked out with these two Blueberry Park fat quarter bundles. I am trying to stick to my fabric diet...Really, I am, but can you blame me for wanting to bring these beauties home??

Meanwhile, on the home front, a jelly roll and two charm packs of Little Ruby has joined my ever growing stash of Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Eventually some yardage and a fat quarter bundle will be making their way to my home, as well. Ruby and Bliss were my favorites. Little Ruby has a mix of both, as well as a few more prints, only they made the prints at half the size. They are so cute! 

I have also been playing with strings from my scraps. Simple mindless sewing is relaxing to me. I have 220 string triangles finished. I have been playing around with how to lay them out, but nothing has been decided. 

As always, thanks for stopping by. =) One of these days I will have a project to share. I have a few and as soon as the recipients receive their gifts, I'll post them. =) 

Until next time! Have a happy spring!

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  1. I saw lots of sheep items, while traveling to Texas, and thought of you each time.

  2. Yay for riding weather - that looks like a fun trip, especially with such a lovely prize from the quilt shop! I'll have to look for Little Ruby, it looks like I might really NEED some....

  3. Amy, Aren't the string scraps addicting. And really they make a very interesting look when you find a design you like. Enjoy the nice weather this is your time of the year. Chris

  4. What a cool place to hike. I love discovering places like that the DH has never been to. Like your triangles. Great fabric acquisitions.

  5. Sweet, sweet! 'Tis the season... We just upgraded to a "bicycle built for two" and I'm geeked about the saddlebags! We want to do the Lake Superior Circle Tour next summer by bike. Super excited!

  6. How nice you got to ride, and scrumptious fabrics!

  7. Bleat Bleat
    I love these triangles. Now how are you going to do them in a quilt.
    I never tried this strip triangles thing, but I love yours! You are so inspiring.
    Your biking trip looks like it was great fun. So convenient to have a fabric store. Good plan. That fabric is gorgeous. I can't say NO to anything.
    I am so weak. I see, I want. Do I need intervention?
    Happy week-end

  8. It is nice to get out and explore when the weather is good. I am trying to be on a fabric diet also but I don't think it is possible to stick to. I love the fabrics you purchased, so pretty. I have plans to add a bit of "Little Ruby" to my stash in the near future also.

  9. What a cool barn! I always love your quilting projects!

  10. I would get those bundles if I saw them too. The rainbow colors are gorgeous. Your string blocks look great too.


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