Postcard From Sweden {finished top}

February 2, 2016

Snowy day here in Iowa today, so no work for me. I thought I would share how I kept organized as I made my Postcard From Sweden quilt top by Jeli Quilts. 

{Note to Craftygramma: I didn't have an email to respond to your comment. =) I was already too far in my process to make this into a quilt along. I hope this post is helpful for you. =) }

After I cut my squares, I immediately cut them into the triangles, then used my Wonder Clips to keep them together with their color name and number. In my picture, the ones with only the number are the ones I had that were the exact color she had in her list. As you can see, a vast majority of my colors were replacements. 

I followed Kelly's suggestion of having stickers with a row and number to help keep track of where it belonged. When I matched the triangles that went together, I put the sticker on the upper right section before sewing, that way I would know which way the triangle was to lay. I then chained pieced the triangles for each row. After each row was made, I marked it off. It helped me keep my eyes looking at the right spot. 

Here is one of the piles of triangles sewn together waiting to be trimmed and them put together in a row. The number/row sticker is still on each HST. I did not remove them until the row was all put together. For my quilt, I chose to press all my HST's open to eliminate bulk in the seams. 

The rows go together quickly. These have the little stickers removed and now each row is marked with their letter to keep them in order.

Here they are all done and waiting to be put together. =) 

And here it is! All sewn together! I made the larger version. It finishes at 60" x 75". It's such a bright and happy quilt. =) 

I am going to use this text 108" fabric by Windham for the back. 

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Have a happy day!! 

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  1. Oh my gosh oh my oh myyyyyyy Beautifical
    This is so wondermous. Thank you for sharing and
    ....oh my gosh (LOL) ♥️

  2. I made my way here from Kathy Stitch by Stitch blog. I am so glad I did! Your quilt is beautiful, and I appreciate how you shared your method for keeping order. I do something similar when I plan my crochet with granny squares. I am a "wish to be" quilter. Cheers, from Alexine in Maryland

  3. This quilt is amazing. Looking forward to seeing to your progress.

  4. Ooh, girl, that is DELICIOUS ! Better than fruit salad !

  5. Oh, Amy, that top is wonderful! I love that you have polka dot fabric in a few places! I love this!!

  6. The quilt is fabulous, and I love your substitutions. I would have had a hot mess at least one block sewn backwards every row. Love how you kept so organized.

  7. WOWZA! What a fun quilt. Love all the colors.

  8. What a beautiful quilt! Staying organized was pretty important.

  9. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT - I had to go download the pattern. I love this so much!!! And the addition of the polka dots is AMAZING. Well done girl, keep that momentum going!

  10. O M G Sew very beautiful! Sorry, I just saw this (work gets in the a good way). I had my little grandgirl come over and see your note ("look, gramma is famous!").
    I do appreciate your diligence and the sharing of steps, order,labeling, lovely substitutions and creativity! Thanks for the help!I will continue on my postcard journey with renewed energy.
    Love this as with all your stuff, but this one sure does speak to my heart.
    bamadaviscd at gmail dot com (sorry-didn't realize it wasn't visible)

  11. Your quilt is absolutely STUNNING!!! I love your substitutions - they give the quilt a fresh "pop"!

  12. That is so nice! :)
    Hugs, Ulla from Finland


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