New {Old} Iron

February 12, 2016

Irons are a must have tool for every quilter and every one has their idea on what the perfect iron is. When I first started quilting, I bought a Rowenta. I liked it okay, but I really didn't like how it turned off all the time and I didn't think it was hot enough. I began my hunt for the perfect iron...I bought several vintage irons and they were better, but not quite perfect. At an antique shop I found a General Mills Betty Crocker Tru Heat iron. I brought it home to give it a try and it didn't take long to discover, that this was the perfect iron. I love everything about it! It got hot, didn't turn off and no steam holes to mess with my seams. 

Because of its age, I figured it wouldn't last forever, so I had been keeping my eye out for a spare. I found it last summer at another antique shop. I was set! 


This week my iron died. We took it apart and hubby tested the hearing element. It was shot. Time for the spare to get some use. Though they were the same, I immediately noticed there was a slight difference. My spare was a bit lighter than my old one. Looking at the back of the iron, there was a model number. My favorite iron was a 1B. My spare was a 1BB. After more research, I quickly realized there are several versions of this iron. My spare was not the perfect iron. *sigh* 

Hello, Ebay!! 

Look at this beauty I found on Ebay! The exact same model number and BRAND NEW! It was delivered yesterday and it is even more perfect than the one that died! I am so thrilled with it! I expect to have many years of happily pressing quilt blocks with this sweet iron. =)

So, am I the only one obsessed with finding the perfect iron? What is your perfect iron? 

Now if only I could find the perfect purse, but that's another story! 

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  1. Yes, yes, YES ! I've never heard anyone else complain about the steam holes, but that's my biggest grievance ! I love the heavy Black and Decker irons, and recently found one at a second-hand store, but didn't pay attention to the holes on the bottom. The heat is great, the weight is great,...........but I have to watch how I rub across squares and triangles, as the holes grab corners and squish then up, accordian-style !

    Now you've made me realize that I need to get away from steam irons altogether ! Thanks for this post, and congratulations on this find........I'm so happy for YOU !

  2. I use a non-steam iron from The Vermont Country Store. I was so done with leaky irons. Mines been going strong for 6 years now. $30?

  3. So glad you found one to take its place. I LOVE old irons! I had one that actually melted!!! Not a pretty sight and rather stinky! But it did get hot! LOL!

  4. The struggle is real! I've been through so many irons it's almost funny. My first love was an iron from Bernina. I actually went thru two of those. The longevity was there but Bernina stopped making them and then I couldn't get them repaired. After that one, I purchased a Pfaff steam generator. Great iron! Loved it so much that I bought another one to use for parts, alas, they no longer make this iron. I may have to try ebay too!

  5. For years I used the old iron I got as a wedding present. It was heavy, hot and never turned off by itself. But after many, many years of faithful service it finally died. I bought a Rowenta at Costco in 1997. That iron was a little workhorse and lasted for 15 years! I loved it. I'm currently using a Black and Decker that I inherited from my MIL when she passed away. I have no idea how old it is, but it is heavy and seems to work well. Enjoy your new/old iron. I do think the older irons were better quality, and built to last.

  6. I just ordered 3 Panasonic 360 cordless irons for our quilting club. I got them on HSN. They aren't here yet, but they are pointed on both ends. I've wanted one since I heard about them.

  7. I tried using the vintage irons, but I kept burning myself and the stuff I was trying to iron. My husband insisted on buying me a Rowenta, but I prefer to use the cheap one.

  8. Well I had to go looking for that one on ebay, lol! Wow there's lots, but not in the great shape yours is! I haven't found the perfect iron yet, I don't think they make them anymore. My biggest peeve is the auto-shut off. HATE that.

  9. I have a Roweta, it is about 10 years old, and I love it. I know it is probably going to bite the dust someday soon since it is so old, but I keep looking and haven't seen anything that I love. Now my travel iron, it is sweet, and gets really hot!

  10. Oh my gosh I love it. I agree with you I hate the holes. So happy you found another one. I have been collecting old irons and one thing I learned is to be careful not to burn your fabric. Love the heavyness of them and how hot they get.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. Well, irons are a big deal. Indeed.... indeed.
    At present, I have a Rowenta the blue one, not sure if it is the cheapest but it was not expensive. I do not want to spend a pile of money on an iron. I just want a nice flat iron.
    This one does turn off, and for me that is pretty much a plus.., becuase I am forgetful
    and attention, uh, deprived.
    Oh, I also found at my mom and dad's a few years ago and asked to have it and mom said sure so hey lucky me.... a travel iron. It is German, a Toeller
    I have seen a few on ebay, but this little number gets hot.
    Purses: I carry a big bag with three sections. I carry all of my clutter in there.
    I can fit my ipad mini in there and a drink/water bottle
    Happy Week-end Amyblossom

  12. i have a oliso, but it is not my favorite. it was great in the beginning of our relationship but now it is flaking out on me. her up and down functions dont want to work anymore. i think the best one i ever had looked vintage but was a new iron, heavy as all get out and super hot metal iron.

  13. I'm not as particular as you are. :-) But, when we got married my husband's iron was much better than the one I'd been using, so I opted to keep his. It has been a pretty good iron, and it holds a lot of water which I happen to like. It is starting to show its age, though, so I'm probably going to have to find a different one before too much longer. Since I iron a fair number of things other than quilts, I really like to have the steam, but I can see where the holes could annoy someone. Also, I like having one that turns off, but I'm not sure mine works any more. ha :-)

    That antique one looks like a beauty. I've had some good experiences with antique appliances, and similar items. It's great to have ways to find these items now without having to travel all over searching stores.

  14. I have this very same iron i found at a thrift store for a dollar! You are right! T is Perfect. Heavy and perfect. I love a dry iron, but this beauty is classic! I cant believe you found a new one online!


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