February 18, 2016

Last weekend, my darling hubby took me to Minneapolis to IKEA! I have been wanting to visit an IKEA store for years. I got lots of tips from veteran IKEA shoppers and they all came in very handy, especially the one that told me to plan on being there the whole day. We did that easily and logged in a few hours on the next day, too. 

 Jocelyn @ Happy Cottage Quilter said it perfectly, "IKEA is like the Disneyland of retail!" She was so right!! I hate having my picture taken, but Russ insisted I pose with the two carts we filled up. Trust me, it was tempting to buy more, however, we had limited space in our car, which really was a good thing in the long run. =)

Even so, we still bought more than we planned on!! Drawer organizers, wrapping paper, a popcorn bowl, trivets, kitchen towels, adorable wire baskets, area rugs and more. =) 

The new living room area rug. =)

I have wanted this button rug for my sewing room for a long time. It's so bright and happy. =)

But my favorite purchase took some assembly...

A Stenstorp kitchen island to replace the peninsula! The lip that is on the counter will go away when we get a new counter top. The white bin holds my kitchen towels.  

We have a few modifications that need to be made eventually to make it level with our floor. We are also thinking about adding sides to it and adding doors to the front to enclose it. I love the butcher block top!

Its probably a good thing that IKEA is so far away from us. I think I could live there! Besides, it is nice to have a place to run away to for a weekend away. =) 

For those who have been to IKEA, what is your favorite IKEA find?

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  1. Whoop! I LOVE the picture of you with your IKEA stash! What fun! Oh my, you and your hubby did good :-)

  2. I love IKEA! And here in Munich, germany, there are two IKEAs within a 30 minute driving distance ... lucky me! One of the best things IKEA has are the blue shopping bags (normally at the cash register) they are big and strong and you can use them for groceries or stuff like xmas decorations you need to store somewhere. And don't forget the fabrics;-)

  3. IKEA is so much fun! We got our double ovens there in December. We try to plan to eat in the restaurant while we are there. I have several of their lights for my machines (no electricity means no lights on the machines). There are 2 locations near us, but, I've only been to one.

  4. Oh No!!! My town of Fishers, Indiana is getting our very own IKEA next year. It will be 5 minutes away from my house. I hope I will be able to control myself. I hear they have fabric??

  5. You were at my IKEA! I live about 12 miles away from it. My favorite buy from IKEA would be my Hemnes cabinet with glass doors. I store
    my precuts and other misc. fabric in it and the doors keep the dust away!

  6. I have that button rug! My favorite IKEA buys were the three Stolmen cabinets that I use under my long arm. Or maybe the wire basket system for my fabric. Looks like you had a great trip!

  7. My favorite find to date is actually their super cheap no-lint tea towels. They are the best and I stock up when I go.

  8. Hi Amy, I loved their fabric. When we lived in San Diego and nearly lived next door it was a regular trip. I used to find lots of their fabric in the thrift stores down there. I do love your button rug. Maybe a visit to IKEA is in order;-)
    blessings, jill
    ps. becky J...you will not be able to control yourself;-)

  9. We have an Ikea nearby but I think I have been there maybe only 2 or 3 times. i do like their little cabinet door towel holders especially in an kitchen where there is no where to put a towel.

  10. You are adorable! and Beautiful too.
    I absolutely adore the rugs and the kitchen island. That is epic nice.
    We have 2 Ikeas equidistant from my home (and equally pain in the butt 1 hour suburban traffic kind of drive) and I stay far away from that store.
    My favorite departments are the shelving storage furniture, and the linens fabric departments.
    I could spend a lot of $$ at that place easily.

  11. I love the picture of you - you look like a very happy IKEA shopper!!!! I love everything you got, that new island is AWESOME - and your button rug, and the living room rug, oh my goodness - love it all!!!!
    I could live there too - they even have FOOD - lol!

  12. Oh didn't you have fun?? Love the rug - will have to check if they have it in the UK ... the trouble with IKEA is exactly what you found: you go there for one essential item and find a 100 more you now can't live without!! Pace yourself, my friend :)

  13. I don't visit IKEA often, it is about an hour away from here when the traffic isn't crazy. I just love your button rug. I will have to think about that, it would really brighten my sewing room. I love the cubicle shelves we use in our laundry room above the washer and dryer. We have baskets that slide in to them to help keep it tidy.

  14. Isn't IKEA Awesome!?!?!?!? I love the one we have in Portland! You found some great things!

  15. I almost always stop at the Schaumburg, IL store on the way to see my best friend in Milwaukee. That, and the Container Store. Major love on both fronts! {grin}

  16. Really enjoyed reading your blog and I will add my name as a follower, so I'll be back!
    I too love IKEA and we have a branch only 20 mins away.... fatal. Sometimes we go really early for breakfast before we shop.
    My favourite find is the white fabric printed with "drawings" suitable for children to colour in and IKEA have fabric pens for just this thing. I have entertained so many adults and children with a piece of this fabric and then it has been made into cushions, aprons, bags or stretched onto a canvas as a picture. A piece with a set of pens is a lovely little gift. My own grand daughters spent a long train journey quiet as mice colouring a piece.
    Right... back to see more of your quilts.
    Best wishes
    Jo in Liverpool, England

  17. I'd just like to have an Ikea closer than 400 miles! Love that kitchen furniture!


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