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January 28, 2016

I had quite a long dry spell of not touching my machine and not feeling motivated to do anything. I would lay out fabric, pet it, search on Pinterest for hours days, look at patterns and then put the fabric all away again. This went on for weeks. Even with new pretty fabrics joining my stash, I felt paralyzed to make any decision. It's an awful feeling. 

Last summer, when Russ and I went to Missouri Star Quilt Company, Russ picked out fabric and a pattern for a quilt for himself, by himself. The plan was to work on it together this winter, but when he surprised me with a new kitchen floor, and he is refinishing a table for me. I will share more on that some other time. Last week, with his blessing, I pulled the fabric out and made the top. I won't say that I loved the process of cutting, pressing and sewing, but I think that was mostly because I don't love the fabric and the colors are so not me. The thing is, what helped me break out of the paralyzing dry spell was doing something loving for my husband, who is so very good to me. And he loves it, so that is what matters... 

Yay for me! My first quilt top of 2016!

He over bought (I taught him well. *wink*), so I had plenty to piece together a fairly interesting back for it, too. 

Since that went so well, I pulled myself together and decided to put an idea I've had in my head into action. I pulled out the red and green Bonnie and Camille fabrics in my stash, bit the bullet and created a giant Christmas Swoon. And, this math challenged quilter, did the math all by myself! As I laid it out, I realized I was missing a few blocks! 

Here she is all finished. The quilt top measures 65" x 65". I am not sure if it's done yet. I made myself open a new fat quarter bundle to pull out fabrics for this quilt to use along with the scraps. And, it felt good!! Bonus! I am ahead of the game for Christmas this year. Ha!

Now I want to cut up the Cotton and Steel stash I have to make a triangle quilt. If I am not careful, I will have a stack of UFO's, and, you know what? It will be just fine with me!!

Yay for feeling excited about creating again! 

Have a happy rest of the week! 

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  1. I liked the block with the wood floor squares in it ;) Great top for your hubby. I'm starting to get my mojo back, too. I think we have 'too many' ideas, and it stifles us at times, so that we don't know where to start.

  2. The quilt for your husband looks great! I've had slow times as well and it's always a quilt for someone else that pulls me back into the groove. Love the massive swoon block! I'd love to make a big one as well. Thanks for the idea. I'm trying to use my stash and finish up some UFO's this year and so far I'm doing well.

  3. I am so glad you have your sewing mojo back! I love the gigantic Swoon quilt and awesome doing the math your self. :0)

  4. Great job on your husband's quilt especially when the fabric didn't appeal. I understand. But I LOVE your Swoon colors!!! They are more up my alley! Glad that you're up to sewing again. I'll be glad when I can move into my own sewing room...that will increase my mojo considerably!!

  5. Good riddance to your dry spell (and I think we all get them). I love your husband's quilt and it is reversible with the great pieced fabrics backing. Looks like you are back in fine form dear...

  6. Wow, great quilts. Wonderful pattern and fabric for your hubby - he has good taste. Love your swoon quilt. You sure came out energized from your 'dry spell' :)! Good work!

  7. And isn't that just why we quilt - to do something for someone we love! Hubby's quilt is AWESOME, and yes you've taught him well, always get more than you think you'll need. LOL. Your giant Swoon is just incredible - so lovely - I'm so glad to see you back sewing again, hon!

  8. Awesome! I have been in a lul too, but I am blaming mine on the fact that I need to declutter, adn those thoughts are taking over. I have begun to declutter, and I plan on continuing until I have touched every space in my house. Too much 'stuff' paralyzes me. I love junkin with my hubby. It's what we do! But I think we need to find another hobby. I love a sparse, clean home, and when I get there, I can feel free to sew....I hope!

  9. Your hubby did a great job picking out fabric! I absolutely love the Christmas Quilt this needs to be a tutorial quilt along. I would love if you would share your measurements ( that you are so smart to calculate, don't think my 60 year old brain can even attempt!) and start a quilt along. We can all have one finished by Christmas! Just something to think about! Mary -

  10. Great quilts. I think that the quilt you made the hubby is fabulous. Love the big swoon block. I can relate to kind of being UGH don't want to do a whole lot of sewing. I think sometimes it is that you have plans, but there is just something missing to implement also.

  11. I like hubbs quilt. I mean, he picked the fabrics and you made them look really good. I am so happy you are pumped up for sewing fantastical pretties.
    I am so busy, but doing my usual, little at a time.
    I made a cute bag for my sister for her birthday so that took all of today (among other stuff, like visiting the 'rents today)
    Happy Friday it is gonna be a great week-end :-D ♥️

  12. So glad to see that you feel like sewing again. I love your projects, the large Swoon block is great, I have not yet made a Swoon quilt but I have the pattern and it is on my list. Have a great relaxing and creative weekend.

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