Bonnie and Camille

December 21, 2015

I have a slight addiction to Bonnie and Camille @Thimblebossoms fabrics, don't you think? 

And to make matters worse! Bonnie and Camille announced today that Moda is going to release a reprint of Ruby, with a few Bliss prints mixed in, after the new year!! Can you guess what I will be buying with my Christmas money? =D

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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  1. I love their prints too, Amy. What I don't like are their orangish reds instead of true reds or even fuchsia reds. It seems quite a few designers are doing red that lean toward orange, and I've inadvertently ordered pinks and red that turned out to be more orange. So they will still make good prayer quilts if I can find time to work on them.

    That said, I'm thrilled for you that you have all those Bonnie and Camille prints and will be getting more!

  2. Sweet! I've always loved the dots....they work well with lots of other lines. And in miniature? Oh my! {grin}

  3. Oh my....
    Well, of course this is great news.
    I am also a Bonnie and Camille hoarder. I have a lot of their fabrics.
    I bought one large piece and gave it to my daughter to use as a table cloth (with conditions of course.
    I told her to never throw it away. hahahahahhaaaaaaa
    Well, Lizzie is like my mom and does throw out stuff....
    You know you are really clingy to a fabric when you still ask the person if they are using the table cloth. haha
    Merry Christmas Amy. I hope I get gift cards too

  4. I hope you get LOTS of Christmas money then!
    Have a wonderful Chrisrmas xx

  5. Well I hope you got barrels of Christmas money, lol!!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday [loved your gifts!] and Happy New Year!!!


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