My kitchen gets an update...

December 31, 2015

I hope you all had a happy Christmas. =) Now its time to ring in the new year! We are bringing in 2016 with a huge project. I am finally getting a new kitchen floor! During Christmas week, my husband's work place shuts down. Four years ago this week, we took that time to repaint the kitchen and add wainscoting on the walls. Two years ago we were going to replace the disgusting flooring, however, life got in the way. I was thrilled when Russ said we could do the floor this year! Woo hoo!! 

After weeks of researching and discussing our options, we decided to go with Snapstone porcelain tiles and chose the walnut planks. Eventually we will refinish the hard wood floor on the other side of the kitchen. Someday, someday, someday. A little bit at a time is how we roll. 

 The half bath off the kitchen will have the same floor. He has it almost done. You can see the ugly flooring we had. See that black line? That is the vinyl floor seam and it separated, so that ugly black line was always there. Ugh...Eventually this bathroom will get a whole new makeover. I want to have tiles on the walls. That will take a year or two, probably. For now, a new floor makes me very happy!

This is the area that will take some thought and planning. The former owners added this peninsula counter that could be flapped down to get it out of the way. In all the last 18 years I have lived here, I have never had it down. There isn't enough counter space without it. I jerry rigged up a solution to get more drawer space. The plan is to build a new cupboard area in the place of the cabinet that is there. I need drawers! We are exploring the options from Ikea cabinets, to unfinished cabinets that we paint, to transforming a dresser into a peninsula. We want it to look completely different from the cupboards because trying to match them would be difficult and then they won't ever look right. When that gets decided, new counters can go in. That's a whole other major decision! Now, if money were no object, the decision would be much easier. ;-) We will update the cupboards with new hardware, too. Just to give them a better look. 

That's what is going on around here! I haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks! I hope to get back to creating with fabric very soon! 

Have a happy new year, everyone! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. =) I am very grateful for all of you! Truly!

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Bonnie and Camille

December 21, 2015

I have a slight addiction to Bonnie and Camille @Thimblebossoms fabrics, don't you think? 

And to make matters worse! Bonnie and Camille announced today that Moda is going to release a reprint of Ruby, with a few Bliss prints mixed in, after the new year!! Can you guess what I will be buying with my Christmas money? =D

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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Double Nickel Birthday

December 13, 2015

Last week, I celebrated a birthday. 55 years old! Ouch! But rather than dwell on that, I want to dwell on the gifts I received from the birthday swap I am privileged to be a member of which is hosted by Capi and Deb aka: Chosen Sisters. (Be sure to check out their Easy shop!!)
Look at all this presents!!! Overwhelming!

The post is very picture heavy. =) I tried to keep it in control, but it is hard! These ladies spoiled me well and I want you to see their talent!! 

This was from Capi. =) You can find her here on Instagram. One thing I asked for was a Winter/Christmas door hanging. Isn't he cute?

He is perfect!!

Capi also made me this darling pincushion. =D 

This pile of loveliness is from Deb. You can find her here on Instagram.

Here is a better picture of the little sheep. =) She has joined my other collection of sheep here in my sewing room. Precious!!

I also want you to see a better picture of the sheep hand stitching Deb did on the zippered pouch and needle book. I am in awe of her talent...

This is from Jeannie. You can find her on Instagram. Another suggestion I gave was a new make up bag. Jeannie made me one, but I think its too nice to put make up in! For now I have it in my sewing room so I can look at it. I will use it, eventually, for something! One other thing I want to highlight in her pile of presents is the journal cover. It hold the small size legal pads. I love using those for keeping notes in as I am brainstorming quilt ideas. This will be used daily, for sure!!

A closer look at the inside of the case Jeannie made. Isn't it awesome! I really love it!

Next up, Renee. Renee blogs @ Sewn With Grace and you can also find her on Instagram. She has a new Easy shop, as well. Be sure to take a look. =) 

Renee spoiled me a new table topper, a 30's fabric panel, that I folded so you could see the sheep, as well as some fat quarters, a book and a large blank journal. I can't wait to sew with that sweet fabric!!

Last, but not least, Pennie. Pennie can be found on Flickr where she showcases the things she makes. She has some super cute stuff!! Pennie is known to make folders out of fabric. It is amazing!! It holds a manilla envelope to store patterns or any other papers you have laying around. I have never seen anything like it! As you can see, she also made me a fabric basket filled with goodies and a zippered pouch. =) 

Whew!! This was a birthday celebration like no other I have ever experienced!! Its been a long, long time since I have been so spoiled. I can't wait to be a part of the spoiling for Capi, who is next in line. =) 

Thank you, ladies, for all the wonderful gifts and for sharing your talent with me. =) 

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