November 30, 2015

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was nice and quiet. I like them that way. =) 

I did get a bit of sewing done during the long weekend. Do you remember this top I made in September? I had set it aside to let it marinate. I needed to think about how I wanted to finish it. 

Today, I took another look at it and in a very short amount of time, it morphed into this darling quilt top. Perfect for a little boy. =) Now to figure out what fabric to use for the back and get it quilted. 

I also made this scrappy star using the pattern Adorn in the book Simply Retro. I would love to make a whole quilt using this idea. Its another great way to use up those strings. 

In a few hours it was quilted and now hangs on my front door for the Christmas/winter season. =)

After replacing my walking foot for the 5th time, I have a question. Have you had to replace your walking foot? I wear one out about every year. Isn't that crazy!? I need to learn to free motion quilt. I have been saying that for years and I have yet to do that! ;-) Maybe this year! 

Have a happy week, everyone!

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  1. What an adorable little quilt and the borders really finish if off nicely.
    I'd like to DO enough actual quilting to say I've gone through even one quilting foot, yet at the same time hope I don't (wear out a foot) because mine is integrated to my machine! I too need to learn FMQ. I once took a class with Paula Reid and it wasn't hard at all, but the key is practice and muscle/brain memory...something I've not followed through with. I have SO many quilt tops needing to be quilted, two of which I'd like to have done for Christmas gifts but I'm not moving very quickly to that end :/

  2. Love, love both of your quilts. What a great idea for the strings blocks and that little elephant in the middle - so cute!! I've just recently bought a walking foot for my sewing machine. (I had never known about them before). I'll have to see how long it lasts.

  3. Love the elephant you added. I'm still on my first walking foot for my Janome. I have a different one (more narrow feed dogs) for my vintage machines. I've taken free motion quilting classes, many years ago, but, it didn't 'take' back then. I'll try it again one day. Till then, I just straight line quilt.

  4. Your little boy quilt is just so cute. Love what you have done with it. What a great idea with your strings quilt. That is such a great welcome to friends and family that come to your home. Hmm I have not worn out a walking foot. That just means you are doing a lot of creating my dear. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. i love love the adorn star!!! that pattern has long been on my dream to do list

  6. Hi Amy,
    Your quilts are VERY nice. I especially love the door one! Just perfect for a quilter's door!

  7. Gorgeous quilts. I have never worn one out, but I had a kid break one long ago trying to backstitch on a machine with it.

  8. I think your little elephant is the perfect touch. Very Cute. And love all of your string projects, quilts and wall hanging. I made a little string pieced pillow with my granddaughter this summer. She enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing. Janita

  9. Oh that is adorable little quilt for a baby - just amazing. And I love your quilt on the front door. Very Merry! I wish I could teach to free-motion quilt. It's just fun. You would surpass me in no time flat. Look around for someone to teach you. Or - to that internet thing and YouTube it. Merry Christmas!

  10. Sweet little Xmas string quilt. I heart all Aneela Hoey fabrics. The star circle block is on my list of 'one day'. I have worn several walking feet out. Sometimes 2-3 per year. I manipulated that foot like it should never have been manipulated and broke many in the process. Also the teeth on the bottom of the foot being plastic, wear down also. No good then. I did this for 20 years before I put my big girl pants on and free motion foot and gave it a go. SO, So liberating. Go on try it, I dare you.

  11. I love them both!!!! I've had my walking foot for - let's see, 16 years? Still works fine.


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