Laptop Sleeve

October 26, 2015

After months of saving, I bought a new MacBook Pro. =) Of course, keeping my investment safe and pretty is a must, so a Google search to find just the right sleeve to make for it was first order of business. 

I originally planned on using the linen Mochi Dot fabric by Moda as the lining, but the fabric I wanted to use for the outside was directional and I couldn't wrap my brain on how to make it work. I ended up over thinking it for days. I finally forced myself to make a decision on the pattern and fabric and just do it and get over myself. Do any of you over think things like that? 

The inside is also linen blend by Moda. For the binding and ties I used lime green grunge. 

The pattern is a free by Robin Quilts, etc. I chose to not round the top flap like her pattern shows, mostly because I didn't want to cut the binding on the bias, and I also like the clean lines. I also added a long wrap around tie (its tacked down on the flap so it won't get lost) instead of using Velcro or a magnet for the closure. It works for me. =) 

The sleeve I really wanted to make was this one with a zipper closure. You can find that tutorial on Crap I've Made. The zipper part was intimidating me and I needed something before I take it to work with me this week. Simple and easy was the way to go. Maybe someday I will give this pattern a try.

Source: Crap I've Made
Before I sign off, I want to thank all of you for sharing in my excitement over my quilt design being on Craftsy. For those who commented and didn't get an email from me personally, it is because I didn't have an email to respond to, but your comments were greatly appreciated. =) You all made my day!

Until next time, have a happy week! 

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Craftsy and Me

October 21, 2015

Last Spring, I was contacted by the Robert Kaufman company asking if I would be willing to share a quilt I designed with them so they could make a kit to sell on Craftsy. Of course I said YES!! 

The back story, In January of 2014, I participated in a blog hop organized by Madame Samm called, Wake Up to Kona Solids. If you look in my sidebar, the most popular post on my blog was from that blog hop. It was that quilt that caught the eye of the Robert Kaufman people. 

If you follow me on Instagram, this picture was posted in August when I was knee deep in trimming the half square triangles for the quilt they asked me to make for them and to test the pattern they wrote for it. 

After I finished the top, I sent it to their long arm quilter to have it quilted and photographed. I am still pinching myself! Aren't the photos amazing!!?



No, I am not famous and I never will be, but I am honored to have a quilt I designed featured on Craftsy and for a day or two, I think I will walk on air. =)

Here is the link to my quilt, Amy's Stars featuring Robert Kaufman Kona Solids. =) 

Have a happy Wednesday!! 

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Baby Quilts and A Swoon in the Planning!

October 16, 2015

I made a few more baby quilts and I think I am done for a while. =D This baby quilt was made using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Confession: Every time I made a Yellow Brick Road quilt, I have to study and refigure out how it all goes together. I find that pattern to be so confusing to understand! Once I get cutting and sewing, it makes more sense to me. 

For these two baby quilts I used the free pattern by Quilt Taffy called Speedy Baby 2. I did change up the pattern a bit by leaving off the last border, so they ended up being smallish quilts at 36" square. Does anyone know of any twin girls that need quilts? 

Now these fabrics are what I am excited about!! They are from V & Co's newest line called Simply Colorful II. These lovelies are going to be made into a Swoon quilt as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I have been itching to make another Swoon and I am anxious to get started! The background fabric I chose is called Pearl, a super soft gray. I think it will be stunning when done. At least I hope so!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy weekend! 

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Baby quilts and a new guest room

October 5, 2015

Two more baby quilts finished and in the ready to gift pile. =) 

I had to make this sweet sheep from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage and hang it in my kitchen. I need a whole flock of these cuties! 

On the home front, we finally finished refinishing the wood floor and painting our guest bedroom a soft happy yellow. This weekend, we bought a new adjustable bed for us and moved our old bed into the guest room. The room needs curtains, a bed skirt and other finishing touches, but the big jobs are now done. 

Next spring/summer, the plan is to refinish the floor in our room and give the room a new coat of paint. After 10 years, its time for an update. The quilt is cute, though! =D

As always, thanks for stopping by!! 

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