Mary Had a Little Lamb

September 29, 2015

I guess it's Little Bo Peep and not Mary! ;-)
This sweet lamp found its way home with me last weekend. She is perfect for my sewing room! 

She lives on my pressing table and she serves a purpose, besides being cute. I have the lamp and my iron plugged into an outlet strip that is held onto the side of the cabinet with Command strips. I turn my iron on with the switch on the outlet strip and the lamp is turned on at the same time. I can always tell if my iron is on and hot by the lamp being lit as my visual cue. Lamp off, means iron is off. I use a vintage iron mainly because it is hot and heavy, which is great for pressing seams and because it is vintage, it doesn't have the automatic turn off feature. This setup is very helpful to remind me to turn the iron off when not in use. There is my little tip of the day! =)

Have a happy Tuesday!

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Baby quilts 1 - 4

September 28, 2015

I've been on a bit of a baby quilt binge lately. They are fast and fun and perfect for those times when you need to feel like you have accomplished something when time is not on your side. I rarely have boy quilts waiting in the wings, so I decided to do something about it. This summer I picked up two charm packs of Moda's Bartholo-Meow's Reef. With those two charm packs, a bit of fabric from my stash, I was able to create three baby quilts. Two are not quite finished yet, but I can share the one I did get done. This baby quilt pattern was a free one by Made By Rae that you can find here. Love the bright orange grunge as the binding. 

This is a Jelly Roll Jam 2 quilt by Fat Quarter Shop made with left over jelly strips I have had for forever. Is hard to see, but for this one I quilted it in yellow silk thread. Boy, silk is great to quilt with!! It was my first time to use it and I can't wait to use it again. =) 

I would love your feedback on this one. Could it be a boy quilt? Or do the flowers make it a girl only quilt? 

The next two are obvious for girl babies. No doubt about it!

This is a simple Irish chain quilt. As you can see, there is nothing too difficult about this one. =) 

Another very simple quilt made using left over flannel and chenille. I backed it with left over pieces of minky.  

I have four more waiting in the wings to be quilted. I think making 8 baby quilts counts as a binge, don't you? 

Have a happy Monday!!

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Aviatrix Medallion

September 1, 2015

 After almost a year and a half in the waiting to be quilted pile, I got the Aviatrix Medallion basted and quilted a couple of weeks ago.

The back view. =) 

I used wool batting because I love it. However, I should have paid more attention. When quilting in a circle, the fabric does shift a bit. Because the wool has a higher loft than the cotton, it shifted a bit more than I have been used to. I adjusted the fabric from the front but didn't think about the back, so I ended up with a few puckers. I refuse to cry over it. 

Even with the flaws, I love his quilt. =) 
You can find the Aviatrix Medallion pattern at Elizabeth Hartman's shop

Have a happy Tuesday!!

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