Weekend in WI + Olive Juice Quilts

August 3, 2015

Russ and I took a long weekend motorcycle trip to Wisconsin this past weekend. We stayed in Richland Center and spent our time riding the back county roads. It was beautiful and relaxing! The only picture I took of the scenery was this Amish field. Aren't the stacks cute? We are going to go back soon!! Honestly, I wish we could live there. 

On our travels, we stopped in Onalaska to visit one of my all time favorite quilt shops, Olive Juice Quilts. If you love modern fabric, this shop is for you. The first fabric I saw as I walked in the door was sheep fabric in a linen blend by Kokka. I adore linen blend fabrics. The designer is Ellen Luckett Baker and its part of her Charm line. Olive Juice Quilts carries many Japanese prints. I don't know of any other shop that is remotley in my area that does. I have looked at this particular print on line many times, but hesitated to buy it without being able to see it, as it is a more expensive fabric at around $20 a yard. I carried it and hugged it the rest of my shopping time. I bought 2 yards to come live with me at home, as well as some Cotton + Steel to add to my collection. The yellow fabric with the triangles is by Art Gallery, but it played nicely with the Cotton + Steel. FYI, Olive Juice has an online shop, too. =)

This is the collection of Cotton + Steel I have so far. I ended up ordering on line some of the Picnic line by Melody Miller that was just released. Now I need to come up with a pattern to make up a quilt of this fabulous fabric! I want something simple so as not to cut the fabric too small. 

As I was checking out, this pattern caught my eye by Sewn into the Fabric. The birds nestled into the left antler was the selling point for me. Had to have it! 

While I am writing, I figure I would share the bag I made for my friend Brenda. Brenda owns the Pink Pony, an ice cream shop in West Branch and is a frequent customer at Cotton Creek Mill.  She asked me to make her a sling bag. The pattern is free found at The Destashification Project. It took some studying to understand one of the steps, but as I was making it, it made sense and was really easy. It only took me a couple of hours to make it. I hope she likes it! 

I hope you are all enjoying these beautiful days of summer. =)

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. sounds like you are having a lovely summer. i love that sling bag you made. i have some fabric lying out on my table that i love and was thinking about making a bag with...maybe this bag is it!

  2. Sweet! I'm in process on a Stella Weekender bag using a few Cotton + Steel prints, namely those awesome viewfinders and the basics navy blue Xs for the exterior and a bit of the pink and navy steamer trunk for the lining!!! Can't wait to finish it -- I love how all the lines more or less play nice with one another! {grin}

  3. Cute bag, but I love the pattern that you got with the stag. Looks like a fun time.

  4. love your bag and the stag is nice too. the pic of the hay in the fields takes me back to my childhood. love it!

  5. Hi Amy - love your fabrics; can't wait to see what you make with them. The little girl quilt is so cute ... And thanks for the tip on your precious post ... Just bought the grocery bag pattern ... Great idea you have to use it to gift something!! Happy weekend.


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