Traveling and a Baby Quilt

July 16, 2015

Happy summer, everyone!! Mine has been fun so far, how about you? 

Russ and I spent the last two long weekends traveling on the trike. The weekend of the 4th, we took off to northern WI to see Lake Superior. 

This last weekend was Rusty's birthday weekend, so we took off on a Friday and headed to Hamilton, MO, the home of Missouri Star Quilt Company. Such a cool place to visit!! I would show you my purchases, but they are being shipped. Lets just say a lot of Cotton + Steel are making their way home to my stash. =) Oh, Russ bought fabric, too, so I can make him a quilt. The motorcycle quilt I made Russ for Christmas (that I never shared on my blog! *gasp*) was given away to a dear friend of his, who has now passed away. He wants me to make him another one. The one thing about traveling on a bike is you have to really be  selective on what you purchase because room is limited. I keep hinting we need to pull a trailer, but Russ isn't picking up what I am putting down...Yet!

The next couple of days we spent riding on the Lowes Hills Scenic Byway. It was so beautiful! You can learn more about Lowes Hills here. The following pictures were taken high up on a ridge. I love seeing the flat farmland up against the bluffs. 

In the last couple of weeks, I was able to grab a day to get a baby quilt done. Two charm packs + the disappearing nine patch pattern = fast and fun baby quilt. =) I had fun quilting this one, too. I did two spirals. One with blue thread and one with green and I had them over lap. The outside edges of the quilt were then echo quilted around the two spirals. One side with yellow thread and the other with red. You may be able to see it if you click not the pictures to make them larger. 

Now I need to get busy and begin working on a shop sample. 

Until next time, have a happy Thursday and summer!!

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  1. I soooo want to go to the Mossouri Star maybe one day. Yep I have to have all my stuff shipped too. We haven't done a lot of scenic traveling yet but after August maybe...... Your pics are wonderful thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Amy! What highway did you take to Lake Superior? There is a good chance you were 1 mile from my house on your way! I would also love to stop at Missouri Star Company. Love your baby quilt! I saw your awesome label on a quilt on facebook.

  3. Sounds like nice trips! Both of them! You can borrow our trailer any time you like! It hasn't been on the road since we went to St. Louis about 3 years ago. It's even blue! Love your quilt, but I always do! Take care my friend!

  4. One of my trips back to Missouri to visit family I want to deter to the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Love the scenery pictures. Very pretty.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Sounds like a fun trip! Hooray for visiting MSQC! :-)


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