Quilts I Neglected to Share...

July 17, 2015

In my post yesterday, I realized I didn't share the motorcycle quilt I made for Russ for Christmas. Then I began to look back in my photos and there are several quilts I never blogged about! Warning: Some of the pictures are very bad!! Probably why I didn't share them in the first place, but my blog is really a place for me to recored what I make, so they need to be here, even if the photos are really awful. =D

First bad photo. This is the only picture of this baby quilt I made and, as you can see, the blocks aren't sewn together. I took it to help remember the layout as I was sewing. It is now being loved by a darling little baby girl at my church. Do you recognize the fabric? Its Castle Peeps by Lizzy House from several years ago. 

This quilt is for Russ' sister, Cheryl. I used a left over layer cake that was generously given to me by blogging friend Colleen, who blogs at Quilting Under the Sun

I have shared the progress of this quilt in an earlier post here, but not the finished top. I have no idea how to quilt it so it is still sitting and waiting. I may pay for it to be longarmed. Not sure yet. 

I made this quilt for a wedding gift earlier this spring. The free pattern is called Moda Love and was made with a layer cake.  One again, a blogging friend gifted me with this layer cake. She no longer is active on line, but she knows who she is. =) 

The back, of course. =)

And, now the motorcycle quilt I had made for my Rusty for Christmas, that Russ generously gave it away to one of his friends/co-workers who was dying of cancer and has since passed. =( Russ took it to work and everyone signed it. We miss Vyrl dearly....

I have a feeling I missed a one or two more quilts that never made it to my blog, but that is the way it goes. =) 

Have a happy Friday! 

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  1. Your quilts are all beautiful. You always do such a great job with them all. What a big heart Russ has to share such a personal gift that was given to him by such a phenomenal quilter and loving wife. 😉 You two are the best!

  2. Blogging is a great way to record our happenings and Creative Bliss. Your quilts are amazing and thank you for sharing them. High on Life July...

  3. Thank you for sharing your 'forgotten' quilts :)! Love to hear the stories of how they were and are loved. Beautiful quilts!

  4. My favorite may be Cheryls quilt, although that baby quilt is right up there too!

  5. All of them are beautiful, Amy.
    I take photos of my quilts in progress too. I have to refer to them constantly as I am sewing because my brains are mush lol

  6. I love all of your quilts! I am sorry about the loss of your friend.

  7. Woo hoo Amy ... Catching up on blogs and saw the beautiful quilt you made with the 3 Sisters fabric ... It is gorgeous!! So happy you put it to wonderful use!!


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