Jeffrey's Quilt

February 18, 2015

Making quilts for boys is challenging. Can I get an amen?? And I never have quilts suitable for guys laying around in my quilts to gift stack. Case in point. Around Christmas time, I told my niece she could come pick out a quilt. She came over with her husband, and her two children, Jenna and Jeffrey, to decide what one she wanted. She left with two because she couldn't decide and her darling Jenna left with one, too. There stood sweet Jeffrey.  I felt so bad that I didn't have one that he would like so I promised him I would make him one. That's when the challenge comes in. Trying to decide on fabric and what would be a great boy quilt that wasn't babyish. This is what I came up with....I think he will like it, don't you?

The backing fabric is by 3 Sisters called Passport. We had just gotten in the shop last week and I knew that was the perfect backing for Jeffrey's quilt. 

I can't wait to give it to him!!

Have a happy and warm Wednesday!! 

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Modern Building Blocks- top is done!

February 5, 2015

It took some creative effort to get a picture of this one. A step ladder may have been involved. ;-) I would rather have taken an outside photo, but a step ladder in a foot of snow would have made me look sillier than I already am. My neighbors talk enough already. 

I have to give credit where credit is due. When I told my hubby I was going to write words in place of many of the 6" blocks in the Modern Building Blocks pattern, he came up with most of them. I guess he loves me. =) 

The letters are Just My Type by Quiet Play and can be found on Payhip. She has a lot of super cute paper pieced patterns. =) The hearts are by Cluck Cluck Sew. I want to make more of them because they are just so cute! 

When I get this big lady quilted, it will be on our bed. =) 

In anticipation of Lori Holt's new book coming out, Farm Girl Vintage, and needing a backing for this quilt (which was made with all Lori Holt fabric) I made a trip to a local quilt shop that carries a lot of her fabric. 

Sorry for the poor quality picture...All the fabric on the right are Lori Holt's fabrics. The bottom two are for the back of the Modern Building Block quilt. That's the plan, at least. While I am sharing the picture, the house fabric on the left is going to be used somehow in the Sew Sweet Bee house quilt my bee sisters are making for me. The stove fabric was a "just because it's cute" purchase, as was the sheep fabric. And I can never turn away from a great text fabric. Just like that, my paycheck was gone, but what a fun way to go! 

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!! 

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