Beginning a New Year...Part 2

January 9, 2015

I shared yesterday how I felt 2014 was the year of messy in my life (Beginning a New Year...Part 1). Todays post is a continuation of what I am doing to make this year less messy. =) 

I would say the most important area where my life was messy was my spiritual walk with Jesus. I wasn't in the Word regularly. I have tried several read the Bible in a year plans in the past and I have failed every time. This year I am trying a new plan called the 5x5x5 Bible reading plan. This reading plan takes you through all 260 chapters of the New Testament, one chapter per day. The gospels are read throughout the year to keep the story of Jesus fresh all year. That is manageable! 

The Bible I have been using for the last 9 years is a MacArthur Study Bible and it is beginning to fall apart. New year, new Bible. =) I decided to look for a Bible that is more streamlined and less cluttered with extra study notes and references to simply read. Remember, I get distracted easily. ;-) I was really taken in by the journaling Bible, but after seeing the tiny font size in that Bible, I knew that was not going to work for me. My must haves for a new Bible were:

1 ~ wide margins for notes

2 ~ single column text

3 ~ easy to read font size
   The ESV Legacy Bible by Crossway was perfect! My MacArthur Study Bible will still be used when I need more information.

Here is my new Bible sporting a new cover I made. The tutorial can be found at Amy's Creative Side

Clean, easy to read pages. I love it!!

If you look carefully, the last sentence on this page is the Scripture I use in my blog header. =) I need to get it underlined!! 

Have a Happy Friday and weekend! 


  1. This was the first thing that drew me to your blog - a fellow believer. Thank you so much for sharing! Time with the Lord is the best spent time of the day.

  2. Are you familiar with Bible Study Fellowship? That REALLY helped me stay accountable in the Word and genuinely learn. I had to drop out this academic year because of other responsibilities, but I would highly recommend it.

    The wide margins look awesome! I used to want to keep my Bible nice and clean and then I realized that I wasn't using it as I should. So now I mark it up!

  3. Amy your bible cover is awesome. I love it. You did a great job.
    Happy New Year dear friend.

  4. Love that cover! I'm doing #SheReadsTruth this year it is different but good. Last year I just did 365 in the You Version Bible. Praying for you 🙏

  5. You are starting in the right place, thank you for sharing!

  6. A very good goal! I love, love, love the fabric of your new bible cover!

  7. I use several different Bibles Amy, but every time I see a new one I want it. :) I love those wide margins! blessings, marlene


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