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December 8, 2014

How is everyone doing? I am sure busy with the holiday season in full swing. I know I have been. =) My poor neglected blog was getting lonely. I had no idea how much busier working part time would make my life! Trust me, that is not a complaint. Just a fact. =) 

There hasn't been much to blog about lately due to working on secret Christmas projects. Now that they are done and ready for gift giving, I did get to work on a couple of projects that I can share. =) 

Last month I worked on a shop sample. Wow....I was a bit nervous and I knew it was going to be sent out to a longarmer to get it quilted. A first for a quilt I have made. We got it back last week and now it's hanging up for all to see. It turned out so nice!!! The fabric is Moda's Atelier and the pattern is Tapestry that can be found in Fat Quarter Shop's book, Fat Quarter Style

Next up, I found some motorcycle fabric to make Rusty a quilt. Poor guy is severely neglected in the manly man quilt pile around here. I added in some grunge fabric by BasicGrey for Moda. I love the grunge fabrics! 

The weather is daily today, so inside photos are the best I can do. I wish the blue grunge fabric photographed better. It's a richer blue that what shows up in the pictures. 

I backed it with a Moda flannel and used a wool batting. It's been napped tested and approved couple of times already. =) 

We have had some busy weeks at the shop getting ready for the Christmas season and I worked extra hours. So far, this week looks like to be a more normal week so I can get some stuff done around here. 

Russ and I are planning a weekend away in Milwaukee for my birthday this weekend. We will do some quilt shop looking and we are going to take a tour of the Harley Davidson museum. Can't wait!!

Have a happy Monday, everyone!! And have a very merry Christmas...


  1. I've never worked on a shop sample. I think that would be fun!

  2. have a wonderful birthday weekend. Glad to read you are well!

  3. First of all Happy Birthday and enjoy your trip. Beautiful quilt shop sample. The pattern is gorgeous. The quilt you made for hubby is great too. I love grunge and the motorcycle fabric is great. Love the way the quilt turned out.

  4. Love your quilt! Did you use a template? Or
    A ruler?

  5. What a fun weekend away! Motorcycle museum would definitely be on our list too.

    The quilt is awesome. My husband (and boys, but they don't care as much) needs another man quilt. They are just so hard to get excited about!

  6. Your quilt looks wonderful. Everything you do turns out great my dear.
    I am loving your sweet hubbies quilt. Things have been a little crazy around here too.
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful trip and nice weather.

  7. That quilt is gorgeous -- I love the pattern the blocks makes.

  8. Great quilt for Rusty. Hope you have a fun birthday.

  9. Still here too!!! Happy Birthday soon to come!! Mine too....years go the quilts...buried in unpacking and getting house "caught up"....Quilt for Me!!!

  10. Ooh love your shop sample and that manly quilt - that is gorgeous!!! Enjoy your birthday trip hon, have a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!


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