Harley, a Finish and Stash

December 15, 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! It is a rainy, foggy day here in Iowa. No fun! I know some would be upset, but I am so ready for some snow!! 

This last weekend, Russ and I took off for some r & r in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit the Harley Davidson Museum. We had a very nice time, except for the crazy traffic. Yikes!! I confess, the traffic triggered a panic attack. =(

I won't bore you with pictures of the motorcycles, but I did want to share this colorful display of the motorcycle tanks that have graced the bikes since 1903.

Look at those great colors! 

I could have stayed at this part of the exhibit all day long to study the different logos, fonts and colors that were used over the years. My favorite is the bottom right. 

Last week, I finished quilting the Shortcake Quilt by Cluck Cluck SewErin Jensen and hazel stitches, are the two ladies that began the Shortcake Quilt along on Instagram. You can search for it using #shortcakealong. I really love this pattern!!

I debated on what to use for the binding and decided to go bold and use the Miss Kate navy. I went with the twin size pattern so it's a big one to cuddle up with on a cold winters day. I mixed in some Bliss, Ruby and Scrumptious with my Miss Kate jelly roll. This quilt squealed its way up to the top of my favorites pile. 

I also got back to working on my Farmer's Wife Revival quilt and finished up class 5. There is a button in my sidebar that will take you to the information on the classes. I can't recommend them highly enough! My next decision is whether to stop here and make this the lap top size, or keep going. 

Next up, stash building! Mochi Dots linen blend fabrics by MoMo found their way into my stash during the Black Friday sales. The colors are so rich and I adore the linen blend fabrics. 

I've also been having a crush on the Moda Grunge fabrics and ordered a fat quarter bundle. I think these two piles of fabric will play nicely together. Now to come up with a solid plan for these lovelies. Or, I suppose I could just look at them for a while. =) 

When you buy fabric, do you always have a plan for it? I rarely do. I usually love the fabric and decide on a plan later. =)

Have a happy Monday, everyone!!


  1. I love BasicGrey! And especially the 'grunge' that's shown up in the last two Christmas lines. I think both play nice together and the white grunge is super fun. Anything but 'basic,' that's for sure!

  2. Fabric has to grab me. I very seldom have a plan when buying it. Looks like you had fun in Milwaukee. Chris

  3. I love grunge, and Basic Grey in general. I need to pick up some Persimmon.
    I buy impulsively saying 'stash' but I never use it. I've learned I do better purchasing for projects.

  4. Looks like a fun time at the museum! I am sure there were some pretty neat bikes! Beautiful quilts and blocks!! Merry Christmas! xo Heather

  5. Those tanks are inspirational...I bet your mind was just a racing...

    Hardly ever do I have plans for the fabric I buy...(blushing here)

  6. I agree the tanks and the colors are wonderful. Your quilt turned out gorgeous! Love the binding. I just purchased a bunch of grunge in 1 yard cuts during a sale. Love the color, haven't seen the linen dots may have to find some. Some fabric I purchase with a plan in mind, other I just purchase cause I love it.

  7. So glad you and Russ had a nice time. Your shortcake quilt is beautiful! I love the bold navy binding and can easily see why this is one of your favorites. I say keep going with the Farmer's Wife blocks but of course I'm not the one piecing the blocks so it's easier for me to say that. :) I'm a newbie and not a very productive quilter but I buy fabric with a plan sometimes, but mostly because I love it and figure I'll eventually use it for something. I'm a lot better at loving fabric than making things with it so the stash has gotten larger than I'm comfortable with.

  8. I find sometimes you need to pet the fabric a bit before you finley decide on a pattern. Having said that I think that would be a lot of fun made up like the quilt you posted today.

  9. That was a fun peek at Harley tanks! Love the dots.

  10. That was my first thought too. I love the aqua tank color on the far right as well. Your quilt is beautiful. Love everything about it my dear. I never have a plan for buying fabric that usually comes later and sometimes I do not have enough LOL. I usually buy it because it is yummy.
    Hope you have a wonderful day my dear.


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