9-11 A Day I will NEVER Forget....

September 11, 2014

Three years ago this month, Russ and I went to NYC for a 3 day trip we had won. It was the most amazing trip and I long to go back to the city. Since we had only a few days there, we had to be very deliberate on what we would do and see while we were there. On the top of our list was the 9-11 Memorial.

 This is One World Trade Center during its construction.

A few names of those who perished on that day...

Many unborn children are honored there, as well....

The fountains where the original towers once stood. 

Its safe to say that the time we spent in NYC, is one of my favorite vacations. I truly wished we could have stayed longer. I love New York...


  1. Jim and I were blessed to visit Kinsale, Ireland this past Spring. In the B&B we stayed at, there was a LARGE memorial in tribute to 9 /11 We were so deeply touched ( me in tears). They they directed us to this incredible area where a tree was planted for each of the first responders that lost thier lives. It was so serene....a grove of trees ( each marked with a name) overlooking one of the most lovely parts of Ireland. Another reason I will NEVER forget our time there. XXXX

  2. I lived north of the city, in Hyde Park NY. We were actually down in NYC on the 10th of September that year, just for the day. I told my husband, when we were down at the WTC, that I wanted him to take me to dinner at Windows on the World someday.

    We didn't make it back down there for several months, and I'm amazed at the beautiful place it has transformed into since then. Will never forget either, but I'm grateful it is a place of peace and beauty.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I have never really seen some of the pictures like you have taken. The names in the wall, the way the water is flowing it looks like tears. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That was a horrendous day I'll never forget. Your pictures embody the healing that resulted from a city, a nation pulling together to help one another. Beautiful.

  5. A tough day that day......so many changes, I worked on a cardiac floor and we had alarms going off all evening and night shift; when President Bush was on TV you could hear it in sterio from each room
    .....and since that day we have lost our Moms', my sister and now our son needs a transplant....life is a fragile gift....blooms for awhile and then God calls each one of us!!....


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