Sew Together Bag

July 10, 2014

Here it is. My first Sew Together Bag, by Sew Demented. I am going to assume you all have seen this cool bag already. Its been on the blogging scene for a while. Give it a Google or search Pinterest and you will have a ton of hits for pictures and tips. 

My thoughts on making this bag:

~  The best help is a quilt along by The Quilt Barn. I would have ended up seriously frustrated without her pictures and explanations. Bookmark it! You will not be sorry!

~ I did quilt as you go with scraps I already had. Next time, I would leave making the outside shell for last. My inside lining ended up being bigger so I had to trim that down. I would have much rather have made the outside shell bigger.

~ Use a longer zipper than the 18" one recommend. You can always trim it smaller if you want. The only zipper I had laying around long enough for the outside was a 20" white one, which I ended up not trimming.  Next time, I will buy zippers for this project with a larger zipper pull and wider tape on the outside. For pure aesthetics I should have used different binding fabric. I don't like the contrast of the binding with the bright white zipper. No, I am not going to redo it. *see below*

~ The part I struggled with the most was the binding. I did lots of ripping and starting over and it still looks sloppy. I had to walk away from it a couple of times. Lots of deep breathing and convincing myself I could get it done. A zipper with wider tape would have helped. I cannot stress enough to use  thread that matches your fabric in your bobbin and top thread. It helps hide the less than perfect sewing. 

I love the inside of the bag! This is really a very clever pattern and it isn't very hard. Fiddily, yes, to be sure, but not hard. 

Will I make this bag again? Yes!!  Now that I understand how it all works, I am hoping it will go much smoother and easier. 

How many of you have made a Sew Together Bag? Do you have any tips you would like to share? 

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  1. I've wanted to make it, but if you struggled with it, I know I'm not ready for it :) Yours looks great!

  2. Too many zippers for me! I'd never find anything. I prefer a tote I can just toss everything into.

  3. No I haven't made one yet. I have had the pattern sense the beginning of the year. But I didn't want to have to rip it out like you. Thanks for the link I will bookmark it.

  4. Yours is really cute. Zippers can be a stinker. But it looks great with all the different prints. Chris

  5. This is the cutest thing ever! I love it, and now will have to make it. I read through the whole quilt barn tute and they make it look very doable! Thanks!

  6. Yours is adorable!

    My only tip is to cut the binding strips wider - 2.5" instead. Really brought down the frustration level for the binding part.

    I'm starting another one today.

  7. What a cute bag. Thank you for sharing. I have already booked mark it.
    Hope you are having a great day.

  8. Thanks for this link - I have the pattern but I've been afraid to tackle it. :) blessings, marlene

  9. I am definitely making this one day. I had previously pinned The Quilt Barn posts. I've heard from other bloggers and IGers that The Quilt Barn posts make all the difference in the world. Yours looks wonderful (and I don't see what you're talking about with the binding).

  10. Amy that is really cute. I love all the pockets. I am big on organization and this would be great. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I've had the pattern for awhile and even read through Quilt Barn's SAL several times, but haven't made the time to sew the bag just yet. {grin} I really, really like it though --- it strikes me as a super gifty type sewing project. I have two sisters-in-law that I think would like one. Maybe for Christmas???

  12. thank you so much for the great tips! I've been wanting to make it but zippers scare me!

  13. I love it! It looks like a great bag to have! I do enjoy all the colors you put together!

  14. Great Job!! I bought a pattern on Craftsy last week!! Plan for near future :)

  15. I used wonder tape when applying the 18 inch zipper. It makes it so much easier. I have made 8 of these bags now!


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