Harley Tri Glide

July 19, 2014

After much research over the last two years, a scare on the Goldwing (we slid on some tar on a curve a couple of weeks ago. Praise God we didn't go down!) and Russ having to deal with a somewhat nervous wife on the back of a bike every time we ride, we traded in our Goldwing for a....

The big selling point on the Harley vs getting a Goldwing with a trike kit, was the navigation system that comes standard on the Harley. All the controls are at Russ' fingertips and that makes me feel much safer. Of course, being on three wheels eliminates all worries of tipping over. The ride back from picking up the bike was a dream. =) 

Russ is so selfless, always giving to me and the kids. I am thrilled for him to be on the receiving end of being spoiled. =) 

Guess what we are going to do today?? =D


  1. That does look much safer. Have a fun ride!

  2. Congratulations!
    While it could still tip over, it's much less likely to do so--and I'm sure you're out riding right now having all kinds of fun! May your day be lovely!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! I feel a lot safer on our Street Glide compaired to the Street Bob we had. I know you are out riding today but I will say: "Ride Safe!" anyway.

  4. If i can' t have four wheele, three would be good. It looks like there are going to be many moments of fun to come!

  5. My husband wants a motorcycle and I told him at our age I would much prefer for him to buy one with three wheels. I like the color of yours!

  6. I agree I think that is a wonderful idea and I love your attitude about it!

  7. I am so happy for y'all. I even feel better that you have 3 wheels now than 2. Hope y'all have a safe and fun ride.

  8. You are braver than I! Motorcycles scare me as it is but a near wipeout would've done me in. I like the 3 wheels much better. :)


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