Two New Quilt-Alongs

June 2, 2014

There are two new quilt alongs that are just starting. I like quilt-alongs because they give me a project, so I don't have to agonize on what to make next and they usually push my comfort zone into trying something new or more challenging. It makes me a better piecer. =)

The first one is Nested Churn Dash hosted by Quilt Jane @ Want it. Need it. Quilt. This block is huge at 24". I love big blocks. =) You can get all the information for joining in here

nested church dash photo NestedChurnDashQALButton_zps0c08787c.jpg

The other fun quilt along is Texas Road Trip, hosted by Pretty Little Quilts. So darling! I have many friends who live in Texas or are from Texas, so joining in this quilt along is a no-brainer. =) All the information for this quilt along can be found here

As a bonus, both quilt alongs are offering prizes for those who participate!! Should be a lot of fun. =) 

Have a happy Monday, my lovelies!!


  1. We need an Iowa one! That QAL is so Texas- "We are Texas, hear us roar"

  2. Oh love the nested churn dash. Maybe if I can dig myself out being so far behind on my bee blocks I can join in. It looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. I've eyed the nested churn dash but I never seem to progress on quilt alongs. I'm just not very productive with hobbies these days. But the TX one may be more than I can resist! After all what other state is an official shape?! :) Okay I'm out before people begin to throw things at me. :)

  4. you're encouraging my quilter's ADHD... LOL! That's a great take on a traditional block!

  5. I love the nested churn dash! I actually am considering that one.

  6. The churn dash is a favorite block......Thanks for the link :)

  7. I saw the nested churn dash the other day on Pat Sloan's flickr page and was tempted. Today the Texas quilt tempted me as well...I have several Texan friends who would love it. But I am going to stick to my guns and finish things I have started. By the way, I think working in a quilt shop is almost as dangerous as working in a bookstore. Has Russ done the math?
    Love you!


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