Special Gift from over the Pond

June 23, 2014

I want to introduce you to a dear friend of mine from London. Her name is Jen and she blogs at Glinda Quilts. Three months ago, Jen tripped and fell and badly damaged her humerus bone as well as damaged the ball and socket to her shoulder. She has only recently begun to start sewing again after her surgery to fix things up.

Jen is famous for making pants bags. What are pants bags? Jen explains:

(*Pants Bags is the name I call these drawstring bags as I use them when I travel - I don't like to put my drawers in other people's drawers, so to speak!)

Jen generously made me a pants bag of my very own and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it!! It will be used when Russ and I go away for our weekend trips. =)

Be still my heart...Look at this gorgeous fabric for the lining! 

And she shared some of her precious stash with me. =)

Thank you, Jen, so very much. I am blessed to have "met" you, dear friend. =)

Be sure to visit Jen at Glinda Quilts

Have a Happy Monday! 


  1. How lovely! What a great idea for travel...(I leave my clothes in my suitcase, and hang others in closet.)
    The fabric is gorgeous. Enjoy your gifts, and thanks for sharing photos.
    Great way for us to use our orphan blocks.

  2. You pants bag is so cute. That was so sweet of Jen to send you such a sweet gifts.

  3. I love your pants bag! And I agree, I always put my undies in some sort of bag when we travel. But the pants bag is prettier :-)

  4. What a neat idea! I always hang up my clothes when I get to the hotel, but I always leave my under clothes in my suitcase.

  5. Very pretty! hugs~

  6. So clever idea! And nice fabrics too. I also leave my clothes in suitcase... Have nice days!

  7. So clever idea! And nice fabrics too. I also leave my clothes in suitcase... Have nice days!

  8. Sweet Amy, you are very welcome - your photos do my work justice :)
    Now then, if you're going to take this away for your trips with Russ, I may just have to make him one too! Not in pink though, LOL x

  9. Beautiful bag. Never thought of that, I don't take my clothes out of my travel bag unless they can go on a hanger. I guess that is why I would never have thought of it.

  10. They are so cute, I have a pants bag in our caravan, I did nt go to the trouble to line it though.

  11. Gorgeous fabrics and what a fun gift.

  12. Lovely pants bag by the lovely Jen. I also am the recipient of a pants bag and have used it on many occasions - it is such a good idea!


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