Sewing Machine Cover

June 8, 2014

Since my featherweight has joined my sewing room, Miss Juki has found herself on the floor. To help her feel better, I made her a cover so she won't get all dusty. 

Never fear, Miss Juki, you will be used very soon! I promise!!


  1. I love Miss Juki's cover. She probably needed to rest anyway. Just think of her being on vacation. ;)

  2. Miss Juki's cover is CUTE! I need to make one for my sewing machine. I've been using the ugly cover it came with.

  3. Very cute cover! So cheerful, and I know Ms. Juki is waiting patiently for you to put her into service again as needed.

  4. More fun to play with the new one. You will have to find another table and use them both. Cute cover. Chris

  5. Your cover turned out great.

  6. That looks like a pretty easy cover. Turned out well. I need to make one for my new treadle machine, which is in an old treadle table, and in the living room. I need to cover the machine and the whole table top to discourage people from setting glasses or mugs on it, so mine will have to be bigger and different. It will be interesting to see how that project goes.

  7. you have a juki? what did you use it for....mostly piecing or quilting? i have been thinking about getting one. i would love to know your thoughts

  8. love your cover Miss Juki. so derned purty!


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