Nested Churn Dash

June 19, 2014

Thanks to Quilt Jane, a new wave of fun churn blocks has been making the rounds on quilting blogs. Here is my version of her Nested Churn Dash pattern. =)

The Nested Churn Dash pattern can be found on Craftsy.

I've also been working on a quilt for a very, very special friend. I'll share more about her and her quilt when the weather cooperates and I can get a decent picture of it. For now, here is a sneak peek at the lovely fabric I have been working with.

Yes, it is my beloved Simplicity by Three Sisters, my very favorite fabric line ever, along with a few other fabrics that play nicely with it.

Until next time, have a very happy day!!


  1. Scrappy girl has made a beautiful block. Go girl. Chris

  2. Great block! Love your color choices. Wouldn't take too many of these to make a quilt.
    Interested to see what you are making with those pretty hourglass blocks.

  3. That's the prettiest nested churn dash I've seen. Where I'm from we called that Lincoln's Platform or Hold In the Barn door. I'm sure it has many more names too.

  4. Hole--not hold. It does help if I proofread!

  5. I love churn dash, but nested is even cuter! And so sweet in those colors.

  6. I love churn dash, but nested is even cuter! And so sweet in those colors.

  7. Your churn dash is just gorgeous. I love the fabrics you choose. Oh boy I am so looking forward to seeing the quilt you are making for a friend. I already know it just beautiful. That's just how you roll. LOL

  8. Oh I love what you did with your churn dash. It is so soft and pretty. Do you plan on making more?

  9. Your churn dash turned out gorgeous. Love the fabrics that you used.

  10. I love both of those!! I need you to choose my color palettes :)

  11. I must say "pretty pretty"!! funny I just downloaded that pattern on my to do list!!..hope you are NOT having flooding!!!

  12. No! I don't need another "I must make this today" project!

    Your version is lovely, of course. I love a good churn dash, but this one is exceptional!


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