Jelly Roll Quilt and Paying it Forward

June 27, 2014

My pile of quilts to have on hand for when I need a quick gift or to donate for a good cause, has dwindled dramatically. And that is a good thing. =) Now I can make some, "just for fun" quilts to get the pile built up again.

Does anyone else have a hard time opening up new jelly rolls? They are so cute! This Moda jelly roll by April Cornell is called Nostalgia. It has been sitting in my stash for far too long. It was time to open her up.

 I used the tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co (video below) to make this 53" x 53" top. I am debating on adding borders to make it a big larger. I need to let it marinate for a bit. The one thing I did differently from the tutorial is I used 5 strips in my strip sets instead of 4.

This last year, I have been so blessed by kind hearted friends. Homemade gifts, fabric and kindness have been poured upon me and I am far overdue to pass that kindness forward. I am going to go through my stash and have some giveaways. I have fat quarter bundles (full and partial), some yardage and who knows what else, that need to go to good homes. Thats my big goal for today, to go through everything and see what I can share with you all. =) Keep checking back, okay?

Have a very happy weekend!!


  1. I have a hard time cutting into any precuts...even yardage bundles. They just looks so pretty. Looks like you overcame the hurdle!

  2. That turned out pretty! I don't use as many precuts, but I do have a jelly roll and a layer cake I was gifted with waiting patiently for the right project!

  3. What a great idea, having a pile of future gift quilts.
    I have a hard time opening up any precut, except for fat quarter bundles. Those I'm just dying to get at!

  4. Yes I think I have 3 or 4 not opened! Wonderful quilt.

  5. I do not have any precuts in my stash - although I love them. They are so pricey for me here. Your quilt looks great - it would be so nice gift! Good job.

  6. Your quilt turned out out great! I want to have some quilts already made for quick gifts also, but it never seems to happen!

  7. I watched that video this afternoon while I was quilting.
    Yes, I absolutely do have trouble opening jelly rolls. Although I've used quite a few, I have one of Moda pastel solids that's probably getting close to ten years old. And I almost always have to have designed the quilt before I can open the jelly roll.

  8. I just pulled out my jelly roll quilt I pieced last summer. I was letting mine simmer too. I'm adding two coordinating borders hopefully this week. Very pretty.

  9. Very pretty, Amy! I haven't bought a jelly roll for ages but could see a fair amount of my 'old' stash could be used up to get the same effect ... hmmmm, like I need another new project!

  10. I can't afford to buy pre cuts bundles, shipping are too expensive.
    The quilt is lovely, I wouldn't add any border.



  11. Rosemary B here:
    I have a small box with one layer cake I got for Christmas!!! and one of the littler ones. I never used a jelly roll. I really do love what you did with this. It looks happy and sweet.
    Every now and then it is good to go through the pile and either do something with it, or find it a new home.
    I love making things for people. I love making little quilts and giving them to someone I love.

    Then, I have two boxes of fabric I got from my brother in law after my sister died. She only made garments and all of the fabric is UGLY haha really. So I am having a hard time parting with ugly fabric... At some point I thought of making some dresses and skirts and donating them to the women's shelter here.

  12. Rosemary B again:
    I love the photo with your toes in it lol.
    I hope you have a fun day rummaging through your stash.
    I am going to my parents house in Annapolis MD to clean and get the place ready for packers next month. Dusting. I will be doing a lot of dusting. a-choo. My daughter and her fun silly hubby will be there too.
    Her hubby will be watching soccer

  13. Oh your quilt is gorgeous. Sometimes a jelly roll quilt is just the ticket. I know I have 4 or 5 and 4 bali pops waiting to be made into something...we are not going to talk about charm packs.


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