All Iowa Shop Hop ~ Another round

June 20, 2014

Today was a long and fun filled day. At 6:30 this morning, Russ and I were on the road with the motorcycle to head to southern Iowa to hop more shops in the All Iowa Shop Hop. We visited shops in Muscatine, Burlington, Tipton and Mt. Vernon (where I grew up and went to school). Sandi's Sewing Connection gave all shop hoppers 40% off store wide. Ummm, yes, I spent a penny or two at her shop. *wink*  Truth be told, I bought something in almost every shop we have stopped. We arrived home 11 hours later, sunburned, exhausted and with smiles on our sunkissed faces. =)

This what followed me home today....

Fabric for quilt backs. I have a quilt top made of this line, Sweet Shoppe Calico Candies and I needed a back for it, so now I do. =) I haven't shared this top with you all yet. One of these days I will get to it. =)

Yardages of white on white. Always need that in the stash. 

Fat quarters with text print. I love text print on fabric. Can't get enough!

Fun dots and brights... Jelly roll and charm packs were 40% off. I had to have them!

More gray prints to add to my growing collection. I really need to decide what I want to make with them one of these days. If you have any ideas for me, let me know!!

Now comes the part where I total up what I have spent so I can pay back the budget. Good thing I have a job! Have I mentioned how much I love my job lately?


  1. I love white on white fabric! There are so many different designs on them!

  2. I've been collecting grays also, with no ideas to use them!

  3. My youngest daughter is starting college in the fall and will be going to ?Grinnell, so I have enjoyed seeing the shops you have visited. I hope I can visit some too, when we visit her.
    Love the text prints!

  4. The white on white is cool. I am trying to make sure I always check for white on white, or black on white/white on black lately. Love the text prints what line is that? Looks like you had oodles of fun.

  5. What fun. You brought home some yummy fabrics my dear.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I love your fabric choices! The gray flower print is especially sweet! I bought a dot collection from Connecting Threads that has wonderful color choices.

    How long does your Iowa Shop Hop last?

    Here in Washington, we have a Tri-County Hop (12 participating shops) in March that lasts 3 days; and the Western Washington shop hop (51 participating shops) in June that lasts only 5 days. I haven't completed either, for lack of a quilting travel buddy. But some day, some day!

    I spend February with my sister who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and we do their island-wide hop (9 shops) over the span of three weeks. It's so much fun to go when you have someone to oohhh and ahhhhh! with.

    I missed your announcement about your dream job, so I had to scroll back and find it! So excited for you! I hope you enjoy being immersed in fabric! I'm betting you will enjoy teaching! Lucky students!
    ~~Karen L. Doulakaren(@)

  7. I told you that you will NEVER bring a paycheck home when you work in a quilt shop. I just trade it right back to the local quilt shops (G)!!! SEW glad you are having FUN FUN FUN!!! XXX

  8. I love all of those fabrics! Dots are my favorites too. I like the print design on the rainbow of fabrics you got. I'm not sure how much yardage of gray prints you have, but I have a new design that is featured in the next McCalls Quick Quilts that I did in grays with a splash of pink that you might like. I can send you a picture if you want.

  9. Rosemary B here:
    I love all of the fabrics, Amy.
    I love all of the grays you are collecting. I am too. I love gray, it is my new favorite fabric color.
    Every purchase here is a good one.
    I hope you have a wonderful day. It is warm here, I will do some chores and then help my old folks do some shopping this afternoon when it is boiling hot.
    Have a great day at your job :-)

  10. What fun! That double wedding ring fabric would be great to practice free motion quilting with (something I'm not very good at).


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