Dream job!! For me!!


Okay, so it's like this. Last Friday, on our way to Davenport for our weekend away, we stopped in West Branch, Iowa to check out a recently opened quilt shop, Cotton Creek Mill. Because that is what we do on our travels, we stop at quilt shops. =) We walked in and on a darling display in the center of the room was Lori Holt's new fabric line Vintage Happy. I snatched up a fat quarter bundle and took it to the register, lickity split and continued to shop to see what other treasures I would find. 

I was so excited and I went on and on how happy I was that they carried Riley Blake and what a cute shop they had. It took less than 10 minutes before Tara (the daughter of the mother-daughter team who owns Cotton Creek Mill) and I had our heads together over an iPad while I was showing her my blog, and the fabrics that I like and she was telling me what she liked. Soon I was in the back room and Tara was showing me a quilt block she was working on and she had several patterns tacked up on a bulletin board that she wanted to make sometime. Every one of the patterns she had tacked up I have pinned on Pinterest because I loved them! 

Do you see where this is going??

Tara and I talked for a good long time. It was like we were long lost friends. =) That would be why there are no pictures except for the ones I borrowed from their website, we were too busy chatting for me to stop and take the time to take pictures. =) 

I turned to Russ, who was chatting with Tara's mom, Tami, and said, "I could so work here!"

Tara replied, "Well, we are looking for someone to work a couple of days a week." 


Tara and I went back to chatting about fabric and patterns. After a bit, I said, "You know, I am serious...I would love to work here with you and your mom." She said, "I am serious, too. Think about it and get back to us," and she handed me her card. 

Whoa!! That was all I thought about all weekend! I emailed Tara and told her I was very interested, if they were.

Today the phone rang...

SO!!! Friday, I will be off to my dream job!! A job where I can share my passion for quilting, share the love of fabric, to encourage others in their quilting adventures and eventually teach a class or two. 


Cowboys, Fabric and Old Stuff


Good morning, sweet friends!! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. I am SO glad summer is finally here!

Anytime I can get away for the weekend with my husband is a fun weekend, however, our weekend was especially fun!! My husband is a member of the Single Action Shooting Society. Every 3rd weekend, he joins many other men and woman who get dressed up in their cowboy duds and compete in shooting contests. We are talking cowboy boots, holsters, hats, the works! He has so much fun! And while he is doing that, I am home in the hotel with my featherweight and sewing to my hearts desire. Win-win! 

He is back at the hotel from his morning shoot around lunch time, so we have the rest of the day to do  fun stuff together, like shopping at antique stores, thrift stores and quilt shops. This darling little toy sewing machine found it's way back to my sewing room. =)

I also found a sweet lamb planter. I am always on the lookout for them. I made it into a pin cushion using a felted wool ball I made out of wool roving. She makes me smile. =)

And that sweet little lamb is sitting upon Lori Holt's new fabric line Vintage Happy. Oh, yes...That is one happy, happy fabric and I am one happy, happy woman to have it in my stash!

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!! =D

Aviatrix Medallion ~ Quilt top finish


Have a happy Wednesday! 

New Lori Holt pattern...



To get your copy, visit Lori's Etsy store. =) 

And!! In June, she is starting another sew along! All the information is here. =)


You know you are sick...


...when you are too sick to sew!! That would be me. Thursday night I got hit with something that knocked me off my feet for the last several days. To top it off, I got a raging migraine last night. I am praying that I don't get a rebound migraine tonight. I am so thankful that I got sick after vacation and not during!!

Before the nasties came to visit, I was on a roll with the Aviatrix Medallion... The center of this quilt was way beyond my comfort zone and a very real challenge to get it put together. Lots of unsewing went on before I had it all figured out. 

After such a challenging start, I chose to do the next two borders, since they were simple. Border 3 is more challenging. Not hard, just lots of pieces, so I am saving it for last. 

These blocks are border 5. I really love the simplicity of them! I would love to make quilt using these two blocks someday. =)

Just before I got sick, I was working on border 6, the butterfly blocks. I do believe I feel well enough to turn on the machine and get back to work. At least for a little while. =)

Happy Sunday, everyone!!

Been Traveling!


A few months ago, I was posting things that would lead you to believe that there was a serious situation going on in our home life, and there is. Something I am unable to talk about, at least at this time. I can say it involves one of our children and is an ongoing situation that will be going on for months on end. The stress, sorrow, shame, and pain has been overwhelming at times. Russ and I have been longing to run away for a long, long time. God provided a time for us to do that last week and what a great time we had....I won't bore you with too many vacation pictures. ;) However, I do want to highlight a few special moments during our time away. 

Our travels took us southeast into Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, we also drove through Alabama on our way home. The only state I had been to before was Kentucky, so it was a real feast to my eyes to see such beautiful scenery I had only seen in pictures before now. I will say this...There is something to be said about southern hospitality and manners. They do it right!!

In TN, we ate dinner with a dear online friend, Capi and her husband. Capi made this wall hanging for her dad using my Oh, Happy Day tutorial as an inspiration. =) Isn't it darling!! Now, something you should know about Capi, she is one very talented lady and has a darling Etsy store, Chosen Sisters, you should check out. Really! She makes the cutest tape measures that I think every quilter should own. I know I love mine!!

On way home, also in TN, I was able to meet up with a long time online friend, Bridget. She and I have been friends for 10 years or so via a homeschooling forum. =) It was a precious, precious time to sit and catch up with her...

One more friend, I was able to meet up with is Michelle@Renewing Mrs. Sew & Sew...We met up in Florida on our way down to the beach.

Ummm, my bad! I didn't get a picture of the two of us!! =( Trust me when I say, she is beautiful, inside and out!! I don't think we stopped talking except to catch our breath!! She blessed me with these sweet fat eighths from her stash. I love them!!!

These fabrics and pattern found there ay home with me when we shopped at a couple of quilt stores. 

We didn't do a lot of that on this trip. Our goal was to relax, unwind and enjoy the sights and we sure did!! We are already hoping to go back again next year. =)

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