Fun Mail

April 1, 2014

More letter blocks made their way to my house! I love them all!!

Donna@ Donna's Lavender Nest  made me a "D" with her signature color of lavender. =) 

Missy@Missy's Homemaking Adventures made me a very springy "M." =) 

Nannette@ Freda's Hive made a bright and cheery "N."

And look what found their way from Europe!! Socks lovingly made by Marion@ Willow's Welt. Aren't they fun!! I almost hate to wear them, but I will. =) Marion and I have been following each other's blogs for several years. Make sure you check our her blog and see her talent for sock making and other knitted items. She is so talented!!

Steve's quilt is done,however, the wind is blowing 40 MPH, so I will have to wait for a much calmer day to take pictures. 

Today I am going to get started on the borders on my Quilty Fun top. =D

Have a happy, happy Tuesday!! 


  1. I am loving seeing everybody's letters! I would love some homemade socks, they are so nice looking!

  2. Good morning Amy. I am so glad your block got there safely. Everyone has done an awesome job on your letters.

  3. So sweet!! I want to do more knitting....I have 2 sock books now...I started following her...question?...where do you turn on the translation :) you be my TI Gal!! :)

  4. Such cute blocks can't wait to see them put together.


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