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March 27, 2014

Good morning, Jamie (and everyone!). I didn't have an email to contact you about your question concerning My Happy Place wall hanging, so I hope you check back to see this post. =) At the end of this post, you can find a link to change your settings so you are no longer a no-reply blogger. =) 

The pattern for the sewing machine template was a creation of Ellison Lane and can be found here. I did raw edge appliqué to put it on the fabric with a tight zig zag stitch. 

For the letters, I purchased a paper pieced pattern called My Fist Alphabet by Diane Bohn on Craftsy.  You could also to appliqué letters if you want. =) 

The square in a square borders are also paper pieced. I did a Google search to find them and them sized them down to the size I wanted to use. In other words, I just messed around until it worked. I was flying by the seat of my pants. =) Math is not my forte, so it was a trial and error process. 

Play around and make one that is pleasing to you! It's a fun and small project to get creative. Let your creative juices flow! I would love to see it when you are done. =) 

This is a great time to remind everyone to check your setting to make sure you are NOT a no-reply blogger. Also, Google+ users, many times I cannot respond to your comments because there is no email in which to do so. Erin @Sew at Home Mummy has great information on how to fix both issues. =) 

Have a happy Thursday!! 

Steve's Turn

March 26, 2014

As you can see from this picture of my granddaughter, Brooklyn, and her parents, Jen and Steve, they are big fans of their alma mater the University of Northern Iowa

A month ago, Russ and I went shopping at a new-to-us quilt shop in Iowa Falls and look at what we found! 

It's Steve's turn to get a quilt!! 

When they came for a visit in February, Steve was wondering around in my sewing room and found the fabric. His face was priceless. He was hoping and afraid to hope, all at the same time, that the fabric would be a quilt for him. =) He is so sweet...I confirmed that I was making him a quilt. Gotta put a man out of his misery! =)

Sports themed quilts are difficult, I think. You don't have a lot of colors to work with and making a quilt for a guy just makes it that much harder. 

After a lot of internet and Pinterest searching, I decided on this simple and easy pattern. I used Bella Zen gray instead of white. 

Here is the quilt top assembled. That middle yellow isn't that bright, but you get the idea. I ordered some Bella solids in purple and when that arrives, I will begin to work on the back. I have a plan, but I am going to try very, very hard to keep it a secret. Ha, we will see how that goes!!

For my newer followers, Jen and Steve adopted Brooklyn at birth. My son, Holden, is her birth father. Having an open adoption has been a real blessing for us...I consider Jen and Steve to be my kids. =) We truly are a family. =) 

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!!

"H" is for Heather

March 25, 2014

A sweet "H" from sweet Heather@Vintage Grey. =) Heather is one of my Sew Sweet Bee sisters and she is totally sweet and very talented! Make sure you check out her darling creations at her shop. Really...You must go look!

She packages things up so cute! I save her tags and put them on my tree. They make me smile. =) 

Thanks, Heather!!! Can't wait to make you your block next month!

Quilty Fun Bumblebee

March 24, 2014

The last block for the Quilty Fun Quilt Along was posted today. I got busy right away so I could get the top together. 

I am so happy with how well it turned out! All my fabrics were from my scraps, with only a few exceptions. Next week, Lori@ Bee In My Bonnet will share how to add the pretty pieced border. I have to decide what to use for that part. =) 

Now this is one happy quilt! =)

Judy's Quilt

March 23, 2014

I was able to deliver Judy's quilt today, so now I can share it with all of you. =) 

The back was fun to make pretty for her. 

Prairie points. =) 

Just a touch of pink. =)

A pucker...But, it could have been worse. 

Thank you all for praying for her. I am able to report that her skin looks so much better after her second chemo treatment. It is a real answer to prayer that the doctors seem to have found something that will help her! 

My heart is filled with thankfulness...

P is for....

March 16, 2014

Purrrrfect Pam @Pam Kitty Morning

Thank you, Sew Sweet Bee sister!!

Swoon Finish!!

March 15, 2014

Finally got some decent pictures! 

And I won a package of Alphabitties from Fat Quarter Shop as part of the Quilty Fun Quilt Along. =) 

I will be spending my day in my sewing room. I am working on a  quilt for dear quilting friend, Judy, who is battling cancer. She wants it to be a surprise, and I am terrible at that, so we will see how long I can keep from sharing updates and pictures of it as I work. Please pray for her....

Have a happy Saturday!

Sew Sweet Bee Block

March 11, 2014

Good morning! Spring is really trying to come to my area lately! I couldn't be more thrilled. This was a long cold winter...

Sew Sweet Bee photo SSB_Button_3_zpsdab33bcd.png

This month is my turn to be request blocks from my Sew Sweet Bee group. Does that mean I am Queen Bee? I have heard that term, but wondered if that is what it means. *pondering*

 Let me tell you, trying to decide what block I wanted was a headache! I went back and forth for months! In my usual way, I made my decision at the very last second. Did you all see the great blog hop last month that Moda had that featured alphabet blocks? *The link to the hop is no longer working. =(* I decided I wanted my bee friends to make the first letter of their first name and to put their own personality in it. After I get all the blocks I will make the rest and use colors to bring them all together, or do something else entirely. It is a work on progress in my mind. 

Yesterday, my first block arrived in the mail!! Renee @ Sewn With Grace made this darling block for me!! She also sent a sweet mini charm pack by V and Co. Right now, I am feeling pretty bad for the first two queen bees because I didn't send them any extra goodies with their blocks. *hanging head in shame*

Last week I started quilting my Swoon. It is taking forever! I am on the homestretch now. The end is in sight!! I love it!

Before I go, I realized I haven't thanked you in far too long, dear friends, for taking the time to come read my blog,  post comments and your overall support and encouragement. I truly do appreciate each and every one of you, and yes, that definitly includes the lurkers that are too shy or too busy to comment. =)  

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you! 

Have a happy Tuesday! 

More Smiles!!

March 6, 2014

The sweet little lady is Brooklyn's friend, Kierra. At the end of January, Kierra contracted the H1N1 flu and had double pneumonia. She was life flighted from her home to Sioux Falls and life flighted again to Minneapolis when it became clear to the doctors that she needed to be placed on an echo machine or she would not make it. She was one very, very sick little girl. As you can see, she is now much, much better and is sporting her new quilt! I poured my heart out on this quilt and filled it with prayers for this sweet girl. =) (I blogged about this quilt here)

Sweet friends...

Kierra's sister got a new quilt, too. =) Her parents' smiles say it all, don't you think? (I blogged about this quilt here)

I am feeling grateful today...


March 4, 2014

Edit: I got over myself, fixed my hair and ran to get the thread. Back to quilting!!

I am working on this quilt, which is very far removed from my normal color schemes. I am trying something new and using prairie points as the binding. The argh part? I ran out of thread I was using in the bobbin. I need to go buy more and that would mean I would I need to get dressed and do my hair. Argh! Don't wanna!!

Now you know how lazy I can be....=) I can always start a new project, right?

Pennant Quilt Received..

March 3, 2014

Judging by Cristina's big smile, I would say she is pleased with her quilt. =)

She said she LOVES the watermelons! 

These pictures make my day!! And they are the reason why I  love to quilt. =)

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