Stash Building and Pennant Quilt

February 19, 2014

Another one of Brooklyn's friends wanted a quilt, so I dug into my scraps and strings and am in the process of making a pennant quilt for her using my tri-recs ruler. I love that her little friends want to have a quilt from her grandma. =) And, I am using up stash that needs to be used up... 

...that way I can buy more stash....Right? 

Have a happy Wednesday!! 


  1. Isn't it fun to use up small pieces.
    I have been trying to get things finished. Warmer weather to come. Chris

  2. Oh, most CERTAINLY, you DEFINITELY need to buy more stash to replace that which has been used! Definitely. For Valentine's day Dear Hubby promised me a trip to my favorite fabric store out in Lancaster, PA...and of course the weather has not been cooperating one bit! But the first nice Saturday that we are free...I'm adding to my stash! He seemed rather shocked when I told him I would rather have fabric than diamonds for my Valentine's gift, but we quilters know that every scrap of material in our stash is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished into a beautiful quilt. We quilters are rich in SO many ways!

  3. That's going to be a very happy quilt! I am making a large quilt for my daughter's best friend and I can't wait to give it to her. Yes, it is better to give than to receive. Can't wait to see your pennant quilt when it's done!

  4. Works for me! Looks like it is going to be fab! I love it, that she is so thrilled with something that you made, and has sparked that encouragement in others her age. My grandsons love it when they get something home made whether it be a quilt, a knitted scarf or crocheted hat!

  5. Ooooh - that's going to be so cute. Happiness awaits them!

  6. you are so sweet to indulge these cute little girls with all the quilts they want

  7. That looks like the makings of a very sweet and adorable quilt. I am sure your granddaughters friend will love it! Have fun!
    xo jan

  8. That is so sweet. Brooklyn and her friends are so lucky to have you. We always need more stash. Isn't the saying the one that dies the most fabric wins. lol

  9. I so love the fabrics you are using!!

  10. That is just so sweet!! Quilt on and keep calm!! Our motto!! Oh, yes, the SUN SON is shining today!!....:)


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