Last Quilt of 2013

January 1, 2014

As you know, making truly scrappy quilts is difficult for me. Controlled scrappy I can do. Last year, I made some truly scrappy blocks out of my scrap box and then put them away. I wasn't sure I was going to like what was going on with them. The other day, I drug them out and put them together. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? This was the end result....

Since it wasn't an overly large quilt at 60" x 60", I chose to quilt it using concentric circles. 

The texture is amazing!

This little lady has already found a home with Holden's friend, a young gal who is moving back home to Arkansas soon. 

My goal this year is to let loose and do more scrappy quilts with my left overs. Starting today! 

Happy New Year, everyone!!!


  1. I think it's grand! There is nothing wrong with controlled scrappy either, I think that's all I do for the most part. Many blessings on you this year, sweet Amy ~

  2. Love it! How in the world do you get the circles so neat and even? I noticed someone else did one in circles the other day too. Circles must be "in".

  3. It looks fantastic! And comfy!

  4. I like the looks of that quilting ! Like someone else commented, I've run across several pictures of that kind of quilting lately, but I've been curious as to whether the quilt lays flat after that? Did it seem to stretch it and make it 'wobbly'?

  5. Your quilt is wonderful! I have not done a really scrappy quilt. I have not done much quilting of my own quilts either. I love the circles.

  6. Oh I love that quilt, and the concentric circles quilting is fabulous!

  7. Oh Amy, you're quilt is gorgeous! I really like the quilting. You'll have to give us a little tutorial or just tell us how you kept the lines so even. It is truly lovely! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year, I hope yours is richly blessed with peace and harmony. :)

  8. Very nice. I love scrappy quilts, they are my favorites. How do you mark the circles,how do you get them started?

  9. I think it turned out great Amy! That is so neat how you quilted it in circles!

  10. Your quilt is just perfect. I love it.

  11. That quilt turned out gorgeous!!! I love all the different fabrics together! :-)


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