ATTN: Robyn (Jacob's Ladder)

December 14, 2013

Dear Robyn,

I do hope you stop by again and see the link to the pattern you asked about that I used for my Jacob's Ladder quilt. I would have emailed you, but your email settings are set to private.

The pattern I used to make my blocks were found here:

In the directions, she has you cut the squares to 4 ⅞" to make the half square triangles. I round my squares up and trim the half square triangles down to size to make them perfect. Well, as perfect as I can. =)

A pink, white and gray baby quilt will be lovely!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again sometime. =)


  1. Dear Amy, i am very thrilled that you answered my question! I discovered the email follow up comment button after i published the comment ! Thank you for your hints about the pattern especially about trimming down to the right size.. I would like to send you a picture of the finished quilt. I dont think i would have ever put those colours together but i have some lovely small print greys and sweet pinks, a very vintage effect. My Mum chose those colours for her bridesmaids in 1951. I drop by your blog whenever you list and i revisit often your earlier work and writings. I find comfort in reading words and thoughts from a Real person ...and somewhat kindred spirit. Through your site i found Jennifer Reynolds of Elefantz which was quite funny as i am from a Sydney suburb and Jenny is a fellow Aussie! After the jacobs ladder i wish to tackle the scrappy trip around the world, inspired by your quilt and attempt strippy quily like you have just done. You have inspired me greatly and i really want to send to you and Your Family many Blessings for Christmas and the hope that the coming Year is filled with Health and Happiness.
    My kindest regards,
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Dear Amy,
    Have downloaded the pattern and printed it out!!!
    Off to the cutting board, HURRAH!
    once again,
    Thank you
    Robyn x


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