Reversible Curtains ~ A Tutorial

November 6, 2013

Now that my living room has been freshly painted, of course, I "needed" new curtains. Connecting Threads has a new fabric line out called Nana's Pantry that had some great blender fabric that I thought would be perfect for my curtains. Problem was, I couldn't decide which color I liked better. I use a lot of green in my quilts, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with that one, but I am also having a real crush on all things gray and I wanted that one, too. That's when my idea of reversible curtains popped into my head that way I could have both!   Depending on what quilt I have hanging on the wall or what mood I am in will determine which side will show. 

I feel silly calling this a tutorial, since I know you all could figure it out. Just for fun, lets walk through it anyway. =) 

My curtains are really just panels that are hung on a rod with rings that have clips on them. Like this....


Very easy. =) 

I cut both pieces of fabric to the size I needed for the window. Sewing with a generous ½" seam, right sides together, I sewed all the way around, leaving an area open for turning. I am not sure how correct it is, but I left the selvedge on. 

Turn it right sides out through the opening you left open. Use a chop stick or other device to get the corners poked out as best as you can. 

Give it a good press all the way around. You have to fiddle a bit to get the edges of both fabrics lined up. Just take your time. =) 

 Take the fabric back to your machine and sew a ¼" top stitch all the way around the fabric. That will close up the opening you left open for turning and give your curtain panel and nice finished edge. 

 All done! This was so much easier than hemming all the way around the fabric to make the curtains. 

I chose to have the green side show for now. It looks great with the quilt I have on the wall. =) 

It's beginning to look more cozy, just in time for winter. =) 

Thanks for stopping in! Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!!


  1. I make curtains all the time but never thought of using the curtain rings with the little clips to hold them. Which would mean no rod pocket...which I detest making and you could have lovely fabric both in and out. Kind of just had the ahhh moment. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing Amy. Now I a new project to work on. ;)

  3. Your living room looks great. What a great idea for curtains. I did the same quilt you have hanging up. I love yours, the colors are so cheery.

  4. this is just AWESOME! GIRLFRIEND!!

  5. Your room is cozy looking. I have used clips like that before and I think I will use them when I make my guest room curtains. Touches like that make the room special


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