Most embarrassing quilting moment

November 12, 2013

We all have them, don't we? A moment where we would love the floor to open up and swallow us? A moment where your face turns red and time seems to slow down. I know I have had my fair share of those moments over the years. =) Now I have a new one to add to the list. 

My most embarrassing QUILTING moment.

After 7+ years of service to our church, our pastor has taken a new position as Director of Operations with 20schemes, a ministry in Scotland, seeking to build healthy churches in the poorest communities in Scotland’s housing schemes. He will serve his position in the ministries US offices. To show our love and appreciation, my dear friend, Judy and I decided to make him a quilt. We followed the herringbone tutorial by Maureen Cracknell.

Judy did the hard work of making the strips and sewing them together.

My part was piecing the back, quilting, adding the binding....


wait for it....

making the label.

See it? See what I did? 

I had no idea of the mistake until Sunday morning when Eric thanked me so sweetly for the quilt and then asked, with his typical glint in his eye, why I chose to write 2012 and not 2013? 

What else could I do but laugh. And blush. And laugh some more. 

Seriously. =D

And, no, I am not fixing it. 

Anyone else have any embarrassing quilting moments they would like to share??? 


  1. Amy, your quilt is gorgeous and I am sure the little mistake really doesn't matter at all!

  2. gorgeous quilt. I thought you were going to share a really embarrassing thing. That is not bad at all.

  3. Seems like you've been so busy you lost a year...happens to all of us! LOL It is a beautiful quilt and a very special gift.

  4. What a thoughtful thing to do! I'm sure he will always treasure the quilt no matter what the date is...Lol!

  5. Beautiful quilt, Amy! I almost think that it wouldn't be that hard to make the 2 into a 3. I'd probably opt for accuracy on the date even if it would make the 3 a little more curlique-y than normal.

  6. That is definitely something I would do! Think
    of it has making a great memory!

  7. Well, I forgot to show up for the second part of a class I was teaching at Chattanooga Quilts this past Saturday. Fortunately I live close by and everyone was gracious when I arrived 20 minutes late. Thank goodness the shop owner called and I live nearby. So much for my image as an organized teacher. This is the real me.

  8. The quilt turned out wonderfully and well.....I think we all have those least you can laugh about it!!

  9. Time flies when you're having fun, perhaps?! :) I don't think that was such a big goof. But then, I have a hard time remembering what year it is on a regular basis. The quilt you and your friend made is lovely and the date will give him fond memories of his time in your church.

  10. Oh dear!! I wrote the wrong date on a blanket I made for my son too! I disguised it as a heart and rewrote the proper date haha!

    Gorgeous quilt though!

  11. Gorgeous quilt. A story to always remember and smile.

  12. Lets' say Time Flys when you are having fun?....or stops....!!! I relate!!....happy Golden Moments!!

  13. Oh how funny, Amy - and what a treasure!!! It's gorgeous!

  14. I would have said it was the date you bought the fabric for the quilt.

  15. Your quilt is gorgeous. What a special gift. He will always remember your kindness.

  16. What a wonderful gift for you pastor! That mistake is just too funny! :-)

  17. Ooops! It looks like you could make that "2" into a "3" though.

  18. Nothing to share but I loved reading about yours. :) blessings, marlene


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