Quilt Show Eye Candy

October 6, 2013

Pictures can never do them justice. Oh, and there were so many amazing ones that I didn't get pictures of...Anyway! Enjoy the few I did get pictures of....

The goodies I came home with. =) 


  1. They are all just wonderful thanks for sharing pictures with us.

  2. Thank you for enabling me! I just ordered a Bloc-Loc HST ruler...

  3. how did i not see some of those quilts?? loved the show and am now sewing in my sleep!

  4. I love seeing the quilts at shows. Going to our state fair this week & I hear they have some nice quilts. Also thinking about going to the Houston fair next month. I love Winter's Lane! One of my fav Christmas lines this year.

  5. Love the pics. You got your rules! Tell me if you love them.


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