Dahlia's Dream

September 23, 2013

Have you ever seen a quilt that makes you stop dead in your tracks and your jaw drop open? Or causes you to gasp out loud? I had that experience this last weekend at the East Iowa Heirloom Quilt Show. Oh, how I wish I had taken more pictures and had a better camera to show you....

Introducing Dahlia's Dream. Pieced and quilted by Jennifer McRae @ My Dancing Needle

Is it not marvelous?! The colors are perfection...The gray and white chevron background? Genius...

She did an amazing job with the quilting. In my dreams! 

This is one quilt I would love to make someday. It was spectacular....

Thank you, Jennifer, for giving me permission to share your talent. =)


  1. Oh that is gorgeous! The chevron is even pieced!

  2. I think that was the blue ribbon winner for the modern division at the state fair.

  3. Wow, so gorgeous and love the colors!!! xo Heather

  4. Completely AMAZING! ...and yes I would want to have that one as well.

  5. whoa!! I don't plan to make a Dahlia quilt but if I did that would be it!!...I have so much on my quilted plate!!...wow! where do you begin with that...paper pieced?...:)

  6. Wow!~ That really is neat. I'm completely in love with the chevron background for the dahlia.

  7. The Giant Dahlia pattern is a very traditional block that always intimidated me. When I worked for Quilt Magazine, whenever a dahlia quilt was submitted, the publisher put it on the cover - because of the "wow" appeal. I can see why. It is a challenging block but well worth the work, as you can see. Thanks for sharing that AMAZING quilting - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful quilt! Yes, that is a jaw dropper for sure :)

  9. i saw this one at the state fair, and yeah, it won the modern division. with very good reason! very amazing!

  10. Seriously??!! How talented ... In my dreams would I ever be 1/1000th as clever :)

  11. Wow! Indeed this is a jaw dropping quilt. The fabrics used for the Dahlia are stunning... and then added to the zigzag... amazing. Wow!

  12. To all who loved and appreciated Jennifer's quilting and used her quilting services. We, her family, want to say thank you. It is with heavy heart and great sadness that I inform you of the unfortunate and untimely passing of Jennifer. She loved to quilt and she love even more helping people with their quilts. Thank you again.


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