September 9, 2013

along with beading wire,

 add a light kit,

and a sweet husband to do rewiring, 

I now have a pretty chandelier. =)


  1. You are so clever. Your chandelier is so cute. Just love it.

  2. I love it. I want to have one in my sewing room when I get it all fixed up!

  3. What a great idea! I love my ceiling fans, but they are so ugly! LOL

  4. so cute ..... somewhere on my Pinterest pages there is a ceiling fan where they covered the blades with pretty paper, now you've given me an idea.... As if I needed another one lol

  5. Cute idea! I have an old cut glass shade and fixture that will go on my light fixture on the ceiling fan in the sewing room. The shade is a gorgeous pink, but not the best light to work with in a sewing room. Everything gets this soft pink glow to the light.

  6. Great idea and what great way to recycle/reuse what you already have!...and it looks super cute in your sewing room.

  7. Darling idea! You've made your sewing studio into such an inviting area! It must be a joy to use it!


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