Jacob's Ladder

September 27, 2013

Renee @ Sewn With Grace just finished a Jacob's Ladder quilt. I fell in love with her's as she was working on it, so I began my own. =)

What a fun block!! This block also gave me the opportunity to try out my Bloc_Loc half square triangle ruler. L.O.V.E this ruler! They are pricey, but worth every penny. On my wish list is the flying geese Bloc_Loc ruler. 

Have a happy weekend!!

Dahlia's Dream

September 23, 2013

Have you ever seen a quilt that makes you stop dead in your tracks and your jaw drop open? Or causes you to gasp out loud? I had that experience this last weekend at the East Iowa Heirloom Quilt Show. Oh, how I wish I had taken more pictures and had a better camera to show you....

Introducing Dahlia's Dream. Pieced and quilted by Jennifer McRae @ My Dancing Needle

Is it not marvelous?! The colors are perfection...The gray and white chevron background? Genius...

She did an amazing job with the quilting. In my dreams! 

This is one quilt I would love to make someday. It was spectacular....

Thank you, Jennifer, for giving me permission to share your talent. =)

Jelly Roll Jam ~ Finish

September 21, 2013

My Jelly Roll Jam is all finished and ready to give to a sweet baby boy. =) 

I began with a simple cross hatch. It looks too plain so I added two more lines to the cross hatch. I really like the effect it gives the quilt. 

Such fun colors....

Jelly Roll Jam and more

September 19, 2013

The Jelly Roll Jam pattern came out just in time! I am using a fun jelly roll by Robert Kaufman to make the second baby boy quilt I needed to make. I dear friend generously gifted me with the jelly roll a couple of weeks ago. =) 

My husband found these two treasures at a thrift shop for me the other day. I won't have any trouble finding a home for them in my sewing room. When I was a girl, I had a toy iron that plugged in and got warm. I so wish I still had it....

Russ' dad continues to make progress, but it is slow and difficult for him. Yesterday and last night was hard. The nurses are so sweet and patient and they assured us that this was all normal and that yesterday would be the hardest day. The nurse did get a smile out of him last night and that was good to see. 

Oh, and for the geek part of me, yesterday was the huge iOS 7 update for my iPhone and mini iPad. It was released for download at 12 noon my time. At 12:02, the downloads began on my devices. You could say I was pretty excited. ;) I had flawless downloads and the new iOS is a beauty. I find things like this to be fun. =) 

Time to get my day started! Have a happy Thursday!!

Google+ and Update on Russ' dad

September 17, 2013


I think I have it fixed now. What a mess!! Once again, I lost comments. So sorry about that!


I had no idea that making my profile link up with Google+ would cause it so that my readers had to have a Google+ profile in order to leave comments, so I switched the setting back to the way it was. Thank you, Sue, for pointing that out to me. =) The downside of switching back is all the comments that were left today, are now gone. =( Sorry about that....

Russ' dad is doing well. Thank you for the prayers!! They removed the ventilator and he is resting comfortably. If all continues to go well, he will be out of ICU in the morning. 

As for how much I got done on my hexagon quilt....

Not much.

And that is okay...=)


Today I am spending time waiting....Waiting for my sweet father in love to get out of open heart surgery. He is receiving a new heart valve and having a bypass. 

While I wait, I am able to keep my fingers busy...

Castle Peeps

September 16, 2013

Some fabric just can't be cut up in small pieces...

A sweet baby boy will like it just fine, don't you think? =)


September 10, 2013

I painted the fan blades with the left over paint from my pink desk. It looks so much better! =) 


September 9, 2013

along with beading wire,

 add a light kit,

and a sweet husband to do rewiring, 

I now have a pretty chandelier. =)

This and that...

September 6, 2013

Hubby is back from his annual trip to the Boundary Waters in MN. I used to be super pathetic when was he was gone because I am one of those wives. In the earlier trips the phone connection was next to non existent. This time I was only slightly pathetic because we could text anytime we wanted. I like that!

While he was gone, I made a baby quilt for a couple at church. We are having a baby boom at church. I have girl quilts galore ready to go. Boys quilts? Not so much. I need to get busy because we have two baby boys recently born. =) 

I am in high gear for fall cleaning, although it is still very much summer in our area. I love summer, so that is fine with me. =) 

As soon as I get the background hexies added to the 3 diamonds I will have 8 of them done. Still love making them. =) 

 I hope life is good for you. =) 

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