Pretties in the mail

August 1, 2013

I don't always share about the shops I frequent, but when I find one that goes above and beyond, I want to bring it your attention. =) 

I want to introduce you to Donna's Lavender Nest. The other day I ordered a half yard bundle of Bake Sale from Donna.... It came today!!! 

love this fabric line. It's so sweet
It's always fun to find a shop that takes the extra time to make the packaging pretty and Donna @Donna's Lavender Nest does just that. Inside the post office packaging, the fabric was wrapped up in pretty lavender tissue paper along with a ribbon tied in a bow. A few lavender paper heart cut outs are sprinkled inside. I love that! On top of that, the fabric bundle itself was tied up in red rickrack. It's a little thing that says a great deal, in my opinion. 

So, just in case you are looking for a new place to feed your habit shop for fabric (and she has some new Flower Sugar by Lecien on the way), you might want to head her way. =)

Usual disclaimer...I was not asked to write this post. I wanted to. =) 


  1. Oh I just love Donna's I got some pretty rickrack with mine too! Thanks for the heads up on the in coming fabric ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing a great seller...I appreciate it and have added Donna to my FB likes as well as on Etsy!

  3. Thanks so much for following me. I'm your newest follower. :) CUTE fabric!!!and I love your craft room!!! So bright and cheery!!

  4. Thanks for sharing always great to find another place to buy fabric. I am envious of your bake sale fabric it is so yummy looking.

  5. Donna is wonderful to purchase from! She takes such care & packages everything so beautifully. And she longarm quilts for people!!

  6. Amy: Thanks for the great recommend of an awesome online quilt shop. For those of us who don't have a local quilt shop, it is wonderful to hear of excellent online quilt shops. And what great presentation they have of their deliveries. Oooh, that speaks volumes about their confidence in their product. Thanks so much!


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