Mini Vacation

August 13, 2013

Now that our kiddos are older and have work schedules to maneuver around, Russ and I decided to do for-go a family vacation this year and instead enjoy short little weekends away, just the two of us. This last weekend we spent 4 days in our state capitol city of Des Moines. I experienced the Iowa State Fair for the first time. =) One of the "must go see" was the butter cow. 

Yes, a cow made of butter. What can I say....

We visited a couple of bridges in Madison County. 

Stopped in at Fons and Porter's Quilting store. 

 Rode our tandem recumbent bike on the High Trestle Bridge. That was a bit nerve wracking for me. I am not a fan of bridges and this one was very high!

Russ enjoying the view...haha.

We did a lot of thrift store shopping and looking at antique malls. We didn't buy anything to speak of, but it was fun to look. I will say, I was highly tempted by this chandelier. I have it in my head that I "need" one for my sewing room. 

Truth is, I would rather have fabric. =) I am being more careful with what I add to my stash. It needs to go with what I already own or be a great sale. Preferably both. =) 

Summertime by Quilt Soup
Sweet CakesPolka Dot Stitches, Pam Kitty Morning

The Simple Life by Riley Blake

I didn't take any pictures, I was too busy looking around and chatting with the owner, but I want to share that if you are in the Adel area, go to Adel Quilting and Dry Goods Co.  Darling store and she carries a lot of Riley Blake fabrics. Make sure you check out Jacque's web page and blog. =) I liked the shop so much that I added it to my contacts on my phone. I only do that with shops I want to visit over and over again. 

Next I hope we can visit WI when the apples are in season and stop in to see my grandson Lucas, who will be turning two in September. =) 

Life is good...

Have a happy day! 


  1. Yes I love the chandelier. Looks like you had fun.

  2. What a fun trip. Oh gosh yes every girl needs a chandler in her sewing room. Your fabrics look yummy.

  3. That does look like a fun time! Amazing what people will sculpt, isn't it! I enjoyed the photos. Love bridges. :-)

  4. I live right up the road from Adel! I really like that store and become a Riley Blake fan because of them.

  5. Looks like an enjoyable vacation! :-) I agree about the bridges, and that looks like it would be too exciting on a bike for me too. :-)

  6. What a fun trip!! I LOVE covered bridges and quilt shops!!! Not biking though. Glad that you had a good time away.

  7. What a neat cow!! All in butter, yum! ;) Sounds like you had a great time!! Pretty new fabrics!! xo Heather

  8. Did you check out the Ben Franklin 5& Dime down the street from Fon's & Porters shop? It was fun the time I got to visit. I saw a few of the covered bridges. One of these days, I'll check out a few more.

  9. fun fun!! Fons and Porters too!! Sweet!! LOVE them!!.....and you saw the cow before someone painted red paint on it :(.....I always loved seeing that at the Ohio State Fair years ago when my hub would take us there on "dates" in High School....Fun times! and looks like you know how to continue them! Swooning here :)

  10. Looks like lots of fun!

  11. I'd know that cow anywhere, heard it was a great fair. Don't you love "Dates"

  12. looks like a fun excursion. we saw the butter cow at the Fair here too. must be someone that travels around. one year he made a full size horse and buggy...unbelievably talented!


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