Happy 80th, Daddy!

July 30, 2013

Taking time out from a quilty to post to honor the first man in my life on his 80th birthday, my beloved daddy. I am grateful he is still here with me and in good health. =) 

True story...I could never remember his birthday. His mother said he was born on the 31st ( or was it the 29th??) and my dad said he was born on the 30th. He said he was there and he remembers. ;) Back in those days home birth was the norm, you know. Because of that, I could never remember when his birthday was and I would remember late on a regular basis. I am thankful for technology that helps me keep it all straight! 

My daddy didn't want to take time away from playing to do something so mundane as go to the bathroom. =) This is as close to a baby picture I have of him...

I love this picture. It reminds me of the book, "Where The Red Fern Grows." I imagined the young boy in the story looked just like this. My daddy was a foster child, of sorts. His Grandma Oxley raised him, though he lived with other families at times, too. 

This picture was taken by a newspaper man. He was laughing at my dad because he just got his hair buzzed off and the striped shirt made him look like a convict. Look at the pretty dresses and hats the ladies are wearing in the background. 

 Daddy sitting on a ledge overlooking the Cedar River at Palisades Park. Love the cuffed jeans! 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. Sweet photos! Hope your Dad has a wonderful birthday and that you have more memories to keep.

  2. What great photo's and memories. Happy Birthday to your dad. Hope you are having a great day together.

  3. What sweet pictures and memories you have, so lucky to have him around still. Hope he has a great day!

  4. Amy: Happy Birthday to your Dad. What fantastic pictures you have of your Dad. Makes for great memories!!!

  5. You are so fortunate to have those wonderful pictures of your father. Hope his birthday was/is extra special. LOL birthing at home. DH purchased the family farm years ago and his mother, grandmother who is in her 90's, and aunt all remember which room they were born in upstairs. Always a topic of conversation in this house during family get-togethers.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet dad!! Love these photos of him!! So neat!! Hope you had a lovely day celebrating together! xo Heather

  7. I am so happy you get to celebrate this momentous day with your very loved Daddy!! Happy Birthday, Amy's Daddy!!! What a joy to see all the fun pictures of him that you shared as well. Love them.
    God bless and keep him! Enjoy!!

  8. What great photos!! Happy birthday to your Dad! Have fun celebrating with him, cherish every minute!

  9. Happy Birthday, enjoyed the photos

  10. Enjoy your daddy while you have him. I miss mine, but, he is in a better place now.


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