A Celebrating Weekend

July 14, 2013

Whew! I am tired! We had a very full weekend. It was my Rusty's birthday weekend, so we filled it with fun things we like to do. I am going to say right up front, I am so grateful to be married to my best friend and to be his best friend, too. No one can make me laugh like he does...

 Friday night we went to a drive in movie. That was so much fun! I wish there were more of them around. Iowa only has 4 in operation. We are making plans to go again this summer. It was a double feature that started at 9:00, which meant we didn't pull into our driveway until 3:30 that morning. It's been a long, long time since we have been out that late. *yawn* We saw Monsters University and Lone Ranger. I napped in the second movie. I found the Lone Ranger to be very hard to follow and silly. 

Saturday we went on a day trip on the motorcycle. Our first stop was Kalona to shop at Stringtown, a sweet Amish store, to buy peaches when they are in season. We try to get there a couple of times in the summer to buy them.
The horse was not impressed with the loud pipes of the Harleys in front of us.

I found these gloves in the store for less than $2 a pair. I think they will work great for quilting. We'll see next time I have a project to quilt.

Our next stop was Fairfield. We wanted to visit the quilt store, but they closed at noon, so we spent most of our time at Americus Diamonds. We originally went just to check them out to see what their store was like. Personally, I think Russ took me just to tempt me. After talking to one of the salesmen for a bit, he explained they have a goldsmith on site, so I got some work done on my rings. My prongs needed retipped and my other set of rings needed soldered together. Instead of having to wait two weeks to get them back, they were finished in less than an hour.  That was wonderful!!

While we waited, we got a good cup of coffee, took a walk around the town square and window shopped. RAGBRAI is coming through Fairfield, so the town was decorated to celebrate that honor. I thought this quilt was a darling way to use dresden plates.

After we stopped in Washington to eat dinner with friends and Russ' folks, we headed for home, taking the took the scenic routes, which included driving through the future birth place of James T Kirk. It was a perfect day for a ride. Not too hot, not too cold.

After church this morning, we headed to the ball game with some other church family members. After two hours, I was more than ready to come home. I will need some down time this week to recuperate after such a busy, and fun, weekend....

I wish you all a happy week ahead with those you love.....


  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. It's been more than 20 years since I've seen a working Drive-In Movie. How fun that you have one!

  2. Now that was a busy and fun weekend. We are in Illinois and very lucky to have a drive in theater about 20 minutes away. Glad you had such a great weekend.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. You deserve it! Did you swing on the swings or ride the train while you were at the drive in? Do they still have swings?

  4. I'd probably conk out in the first few minutes of a drive in movie. I can hardly watch tv on the couch (and sometimes movie theater) without falling asleep lol. Love that bicycle quilt!!

  5. Now Amy my weekends are like that most times when my husband is home from work. We have to pack as much in as we can. We only get 4 weeks to do everything in. Glad Russ had a great birthday. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday to Russell. Wow! What a fun weekend. I have to say I have always wanted to visit Amish country. The quilt in the window is to darn cute. I can not stop looking at it.
    Hope you have a restful week.

  7. What a fun birthday weekend for both of you. Seeing that dresden bike, now you'll have to make one yourself.

  8. Awesome Tour! Glad you had a couple days OUT!!....love that dresden Bike....think that is totally in my future! Thanks!!


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